Ableton live lite 8 vs studio one

ableton live lite 8 vs studio one

DAWs like cubase, protools etc, were basically the pioneers in that respect.
The presenter knows how to use it, which makes it look easy.
Antic604 wrote: evon wrote: Features120.
Over the years, as new DAWs come and go, one thing still remains constant with Live that no other DAW can come close, is song writing.But it also struck me as a somewhat primitive, despite the elegant.Given time, it will be a very nice product.Also no freeze function, no pitch-correction.Only that I benefit from the digital aspect of doing that nowadays.There was no surround support, either, but that may be in the current version now as well. .I won't use all of the features, but the subtle GUI changes I like, the new mixer is nice and of course the drag and drop is excellent.There was no video support at that time, and although it's been added since it's still Quicktime easy dvd player 3 keygen only.It is like driving a prestige car as opposed to a budget car.So Studio One, just like what Tarekith pointed out, seems to have combined the best features from those DAWs and was able to put them together in a very organized and seamless way that appeals to people like.
The other thing that would be nice is if I could Quantize midi as I was recording it, as I can in Reason.
Everything seemed laid out in a logical and consistent manner, so that new users should easily figure stuff out.
Not saying EDM can not be made with SO3, just that it's 'easier' to do it in Live.There are two big problems for me with Live.The GUI in Live is still very much up there.This past January I sat down for a proper demo of Presonus One to see what the fuss was about.S1 V2 is a nice upgrade.That was because that first version lacked a lot of features that one expects from a "full-featured" DAW.