Arrow tv series episode 1

arrow tv series episode 1

Meanwhile, Felicity gives Oliver disturbing news about Moira.
Release Year: 2015 With a new ally.
Vertigo 42m, thea finds herself in legal trouble after getting caught with a drug called Vertigo.The Brave and the Bold 41m fantasia bruno munari pdf A boomerang-wielding murderer defies Oliver's team and argus; Digger lays a trap for Lyla with the intent to kill her and whomever stands in his way.Meanwhile, Oliver urges Tommy to reconcile with his father.This Is Your Sword 42m Diggle and Laurel patrol Starling City; Oliver learns who provided Ra's with the Omega virus and confesses the truth about his place in the League.League of Assassins 42m Oliver tries to get the Canary to reveal her background.Muse of Fire 40m, the Huntress arrives in Starling City and puts Oliver under shin chan hd episodes her spell.Birds of Prey 42m When Frank Bertinelli is arrested and Laurel is picked to try the case, Bertinelli's daughter, the Huntress, returns with her own take on justice.
Deathstroke 42m Slade makes his move against Oliver, with enormous repercussions.
Tremors 41m Arrow offers to teach Roy to control his superstrength, but Roy proves to be a rebellious student.
Sara 41m Oliver pursues a murderous archer; Laurel tries to take justice for Sara's death into her own hands; Thea makes progress in her training with Merlyn.Release Year: 2014 The Arrow has become a hero to the citizens of Starling City.Beyond Redemption 41m While Oliver sets a trap to catch a group of crooked cops, Laurel takes Quentin to see Sara, who is feral and chained up in Laurel's basement.An Innocent Man 42m, while looking into a murder case, Oliver realizes that one of the targets on his list has framed an innocent man for the crime.Streets of Fire 42m Oliver and his team rally to stop Slade's soldiers as they attack Starling City.I've dreamt of my rescue every cold black night since then.