Book cover pro software

book cover pro software

You should adjust the text so its centered for an ebook. .
Uncheck the boxes for title and author name and upload your cover. .
If you have a publishing name or a logo image already in place, use that.You will want to choose New on the menu bar.(The purple lines are the ones peter thiel zero to one audiobook furthest out.) Createspace will trim off the excess, but if you bring the bar all the way to the pink lines, your cover will be rejected. .1 GatorData, Inc.Fresh Media 14 Freeware.I like 380, but adjust this until the resolution is good.You can find instructions for clearing your cache here: Chrome, fireFox, internet Explorer.Using professional photography will allow you to create a high quality book cover thats ready for Kindle and other ebook sites.
Canva also gives you access to a library of over 1 million stock images, graphics and illustrations.
Easy Cover Design Pro creates custom CD and DVD labels and covers.I usually add two images to the back (sometimes just one). .For the author bio, I put the books Im most known for, the genres I specialize in, where I live, who I live with (I never give specifics like names and my website.Go to text in the menu bar and in the box for text properties, type your title. .This can be tricky because you have to center the images and text in the spine so they arent too close to the purple lines. . 41 Shareware eBook Cover Maker Pro is program that quickly makes eBook Cover Images.I justify my margins. .