Double line block font

double line block font

OCR-B is a rounded version of OCR-A and is easier to read.
Montepetrum Author: Johan Aakerlund Comments: Availability: Download from driver for canon pixma mp280 for windows xp author's Deviantart page.Choosing a limited color palette is an important step in creating a minimalist look in your designs.Notes on open.It was modern then and is still modern now.Email me if you need the files.Doesn't work illustrator Availability: Download OTF file here (Japanese site).
Unik2 by Fonts of Chaos has a contemporary look while still being somewhat retro and futuristic.Make sure to "explode" (a Rhino term) all lines into individual segments, since some overlapping segments are joined to each other.It is appropriately titled given Veron was inspired by retro boxing posters.Also the font SDstroke.Now thats democratic design.The client didnt choose this logo and Liz didnt want to waste such a great font so its up on Bhance for free download.I've probably had them left over from a previous software installation.