Financial accounting theory scott pdf

financial accounting theory scott pdf

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Under a historical cost-based system of accounting, inflation leads to two basic problems.
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New York Stock Exchange Listing Berkshires shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange on November 29, 1988.We believe that our newshole percentage - the portion of the paper devoted to news - is bigger than that of any other dominant paper of our size or larger.It contains the best description I have seen of the events that produced the present savings-and-loan crisis.If we ran a private business with a few passive partners, we would be disappointed if those partners, and their replacements, frequently wanted to leave the partnership.Unleveraged returns averaged 20 per year.You can be sure that our operating managers will deliver; the question mark in our future is whether Charlie and I can effectively employ the funds that they generate.See also edit Notes and references edit Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today's Investor, David.
Their performance, which we have observed at close range, contrasts vividly with that of many CEOs, which we have fortunately observed from a safe distance.O Below we list our common stock holdings having a value over 100 million, not including arbitrage commitments, which will be discussed later.Within the Scott Fetzer Manufacturing Group, particularly fine progress was recorded at its largest unit, Campbell Hausfeld.We have a special interest in purchasing convertible preferreds as a long- term investment, as we did at Salomon.From shortly before the tender until shortly after it, Rockwood stock appreciated from 15 to 100, even though the company was experiencing large operating losses.O In 1988 we made major purchases of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Pfd.