Kitchen knife blade protectors

kitchen knife blade protectors

Slicing Knife Edge Guard Fits an.
By using a blade guard on all your knives, youll reduce the chances of employees accidentally slicing or cutting themselves.
Edge Guard was made to fit a paring knife up to 5 inches in length.
Also make sure to check out other great items from.Set ms sql server 2005 replication tutorial Includes:.75x1.Straight Edge Guard The Knife Merchant.5 x.KG-08M Knife Merchant.5 x.KG-05T Knife Merchant.5.25.Designed to fit up to a.Utility/ or Boning Knife, and.5 in Pairing Knife.Guard.5 x.KG-10W, knife Merchant.5.25.
Paring Knife Edge Guard Fits a 3 1/2.Another bonus of using these protective cases is that youll prolong the life and quality of your knives since a guard will prevent the blade from coming in contact with other hard objects that can dull.KG-07WA Messermeister.Plastic Edge Guard will fit chef knives up.2.Guard.5x1 in Guard, kM-EGS-4-10, knife Merchant 4 Piece Edge Guard Set with.We recommended putting an edge guard on every knife to protect your knife luggage, your knife's edge, and your hands from damage.KG-06WA Messermeister.Slicer/ or Bread Knife, a.