Mashiro iro symphony sub indo episode 9

mashiro iro symphony sub indo episode 9

10 "Tear-Colored Shelter" "Namida-iro no Amayadori" December 7, 2011 Airi is concerned that Sana is trying to ignore her feelings for Shingo and act like she has up until now.
She is a "stray maid" nora meido ) and hopes to meet her future master someday.
Sana, who still has feelings for Shingo, tells Airi that she will be satisfied in just hearing his voice over the phone.She lives in a shrine with history book of class 10 her parents and grandmother.TV Aichi Program Chart (in Japanese).The single for "Authentic Symphony" was released on October 26, 2011, while the single for "Suisai Candy" was released on November 9, 2011.She became close friends with Airi at that time.Cite uses deprecated parameter trans_title ( help ) " Twinkle moon" Mashiroiro Symphony: Twinkle Moon (in Japanese).The screenplay was written by Team Rikka, and the chief animation director Toshie Kawamura based the character design used in the anime on Tsubasu Izumi's and Tamahiyo's original concepts.11 "Mashiroiro Symphony" "Mashiro-iro Shinfon" December 14, 2011 Sana is absent from school, and Airi covers for her, telling the others she has a cold.
10 in July,.While spending more time with the others, Airi begins opening up to them.In the anime, Sana develops feelings for Shingo herself, but is heartbroken when Shingo and Miu start dating since she realizes that if she had been nicer to him, he might have chosen her.Sana volunteers to take the male kitten, Shingo, home with her, despite Miu's protests.He was selected as a test student, and transferred to Yuihime Girls' Academy to participate in 2-T, the second-year test class.He is very hardworking and kind.Airi is inspired by Miu, who can still smile despite having to give Pannya up, to help the school merger succeed, and organizes a student rally for the cause.