Medieval 2 total war patch 1.1

medieval 2 total war patch 1.1

Fixed Lithuanian Arquebusiers firing too frequently.
Improved enemy AI response to stakes.
AI Cavalry can now flank a Spear Wall.
Upon winning a Historical Campaign Battle if you select the pdf to excel no first option, Replay Battle, and then quit from that battle, your progress is no longer lost.Millennium G400 - When the player is loading into the 2D campaign map and hits the 'ESC' key for any reason, the game will now no longer show the red load bar and the map at the same time.Units do not break formation when chasing routers.Dead wives no longer produce children in keygen sony vegas pro 9.0 the Crusades campaign.Kings will no longer die of old age at exactly 56 years.Glory goals: You can now see exactly how many points each faction has in total - previously you could only see the height of the bars (which isn't precise enough for you to be sure) or go to each faction in turn and count.Sallying AI army now reacts properly to being assaulted from 2 sides Attacking Siege AI concentrates on taking the settlement rather than chasing down units outside the settlement.Denmark now has Norwegian units available to them when the Kalmar Union is formed.Previously defaulting to Normal.
Attacking Siege AI concentrates on taking the settlement rather than chasing down units outside the settlement.
Fixed right-clicking on a ship to bring up info parchment and occasionally producing a blank parchment.Fixed Scottish family tree in the Britannia campaign.Fixed Stakes not appearing correctly in weather conditions Fixed non-functional help button on ransom scrolls transformers cybertron full episodes Fixed intro movies playing at x3 speed in Historical battles Fixed transfer army functionality - When transferring men the transfer resets after viewing the description Fixed Gunpowder units running forward.On the third year round in the campaign tutorial, the missing red button on the information window is now added.Fixed the carroccio standard not fitting through gates.