Ms sql server 2005 replication tutorial

ms sql server 2005 replication tutorial

We recommend using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition instead.
Remote agent activation, sQL Server 2000 supported running the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent on another computer and then activating that agent remotely using dcom.
How to: Create a Push Subscription (SQL Server Management Studio).
The code below is also based on the premise that the subscription has been assigned correct Security and Web Synchronization settings, including working Windows integrated authentication-based connections to its distributor/publisher and the Web Server, as well as a URL the latest vlc media player pointing to the WebSync virtual directory.For more information, refer to the.At that point, you should be able to add relevant code to the default Module1 that is automatically generated as part of your project.Note: This topic is available in the Setup Help documentation and in SQL Server 2005 Books Online.Replicating Data to SQL Server Express.For more information, see "Remote Agent Activation" in SQL Server 2000 Books Online.
SnapshotGenerationAgent and, how to: Create the Initial Snapshot (RMO Programming).
You can still write COM-based resolvers.
Access can use a SQL Server database as a backend, and SQL Server databases are not affected by this issue.For more information about using the wizard, see.LoadProperties agent nchronizationAgent agent.By establishing an instance of ServerConnection class and invoking its Connect method, we obtain access to the subscriber.For more information, see.What would be the best approach to fix this problem?Is there a way to change "plication" DLL version that we referrence in the Visual Studio 2005 project so it can work with both XP and Windows 7 users without causing any problems?The type of queue was specified with the @queue_type parameter of sp_addpublication (Transact-SQL), which allowed values of sql and msmq (Message Queuing).