Quick proxy plugin firefox

quick proxy plugin firefox

The maximum number of URLs you can traverse purely through the Back/Forward buttons.
Cache Boolean True (default Clear the cache when using the Clear Private Data feature (Firefox.5 and above only) False : Do not clear the cache Note: This can be changed via " Tools Options Privacy Settings." (Firefox.5) or "Tools Options Privacy / Private.
3, access your Firefox proxy settings.Plug-ins) applying to anyone on this computer Default varies among versions: Undefined (no disabling, as with 0 10 (all except app-global and user-profile 15 (all, but does not apply to some specific locations such as iiuc installdir /extensions/ and profiledir /extensions extensions.Default value is " change click dblclick mouseup pointerup notificationclick reset submit touchend ".Load_toolbar_icons Integer 0 (default Never load site icons/favicons when displaying bookmarks in menus (overrides te_icons ) 1 : Load site icons/favicons when they've o lobisomem americano em paris been cached 2 : Always load site icons/favicons browser.Nav4rounding Boolean Unused (obsolete).The only problem I had is having to install all the plugins I like on my work and home computer.CreatedDefaultQueries Boolean True : A "Most Viewed" folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder has been created already; do not create a new one.
Url String See Location Bar search browser.
Unset by default (until first background check).Override String A comma-separated list of port numbers to enable, overriding the default port blocking.App.* has been migrated to Category:Preferences.Do not make external connections to retrieve resources.This option has been removed from the UI in Firefox.5 2 dom.SubmenuDelay Integer Determines the delay in milliseconds between hovering over a menu option with a submenu and the submenu appearing.