Sql interview questions pdf

sql interview questions pdf

Pinto FEB-13.00.00 AM, insurance 6, philip, mathew JAN-13.00.00 AM, services 7 TestName JAN-13.00.00 AM Services 8 TestName00 01-FEB-13.00.00 AM Insurance Table Name : Incentives Employee_ref_id Incentive_date Incentive_amount 1 01-FEB FEB FEB JAN JAN.
In oltp - online transaction processing systems relational database design use the discipline of data modeling and generally follow the Codd rules of data normalization in order to ensure absolute data integrity.
Instead, the leaf nodes contain index rows.In MySQL start position is game warcraft 3 offline full 1, Query : select substring(first_name,1,3) from employee.Salary, joining_date, department 1, john, abraham JAN-13.00.00 AM, banking.A table can have one of the following index configurations: No indexes.Get length of first_name from employee coastal living house plans 2014 table Oracle, mysql Equivalent of SQL Server Len is Length, Query :select length(first_name) from employee SQL Server Equivalent of Oracle, mysql Length is Len, Query :select len(first_name) from employee.Get First_Name from employee table after replacing 'o' with ' select replace(first_name o from employee.Syntax: stuff (String1, Position, Length, String2 string1 - String to be overwritten.What is oltp (Online Transaction Processing)?Get first_name from employee table after removing white spaces from left side select ltrim(first_name) from employee.
Width sensitivity - A single-byte character (half-width) and the same character represented as a double-byte character (full-width) are treated differently than it is width sensitive.
Syntax: replace(String1, String2, String3 example: select replace(Arpit Jain, i,m output: Arpmt Jamn - If you want to replace the first occurrence of I, Replace wouldn't work, because it always replaces ALL occurrences of the string).
Replace: This function is used to replace all the occurrences of particular string by another string.What are the different index configurations a table can have?The leaf nodes of a clustered index contain the data pages.Get First_Name from employee table in lower case Select lower(first_name) from employee.Select first 3 characters of first_name from employee Oracle Equivalent of SQL Server substring is substr, Query : select substr(first_name,0,3) from employee SQL Server Equivalent of Oracle substr is substring, Query : select substring(first_name,1,3) from employee MySQL Server Equivalent of Oracle substr is substring.Get first_name,Joining year, Joining Month and Joining Date from employee table SQL Queries in Oracle, Select first_name, to_char(joining_date yyyy JoinYear, to_char(joining_date Mon to_char(joining_date dd from employee SQL Queries in SQL Server, select substring, substring, substring from employee SQL Queries in MySQL, select DAY(joining_date) from employee.