Are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

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are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

Johnathan Rice (born May 27, ) is a Scottish-American singer-songwriter. He frequently collaborates with Jenny Lewis. . Rice joined Vetiver's Andy Cabic, Farmer Dave Scher and Jonathan Wilson for a five-date California-only run of. In the time between, frontwoman Jenny Lewis has put her name to three alongside longtime boyfriend Johnathan Rice as Jenny and Johnny. Jenny Lewis was photographed June 16, at her home in Los . Stark and singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice, Lewis' boyfriend of 10 years.

I actually had a conversation with my ex-boyfriend before I started making this record. Tell me a bit about the feel of songs and your writing process.

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I know how I feel, but songs are mysterious, mystical things. I wrote a song for Meryl Streep with Jonathan Rice, but typically songs are very elusive and appear sort of magically.

are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

Will we get to see this amazing cape on your upcoming tour? I think I might save the cape for the fall [Laughs]. What about that fabulous rainbow marijuana leaf suit?

are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

That suit is actually hanging at the Country Music Hall of Fame for a year. I let them borrow it, and it needed a break.

are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

Does it feel wild to have a piece of your memorabilia hanging in a Hall of Fame? This song would later be recorded for Lewis's second solo album, 's Acid Tonguewith Rice's original vocal part reinterpreted by Elvis Costello. Costello enjoyed the session with Lewis and Rice so much that he decided to bring in his band, the Imposters, to record a full album of new material with Lewis, Rice, Farmer Dave Scher and Jason Lader, resulting in 's Momofuku.

The record was released on September 11, Seven of the record's eleven songs were co-written with Jenny Lewis.

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Rice again toured the record extensively both with a full band and solo acoustic, again mostly as a support act for the Good LifeRilo KileyMatt Costa and the Redwalls. InRice acted as a producer, musician, and co-songwriter on Jenny Lewis' second solo album, Acid Tongue.

Rice again joined Lewis' touring band for her world tour, which included memorable performances at the Coachella and Bonnaroo festivals. This would further lead to the collaboration with girlfriend Jenny Lewis, as Jenny and Johnnyin Jenny and Johnny toured the world in Also, the stakes were very low and I tend to operate better [in that environment].

So I went to record a song or two and that became the whole record. Q What happened with Ryan Adams that convinced you to record the whole album there?

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A He convinced me and then he kidnapped my record. He just gave me two weeks of his time and we cut the whole thing. How was that experience? Q The tour came after a decade of silence and only one album.

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How did the reunion happen? And I happened to be struggling at that moment with terrible insomnia. Q You refer to your insomnia on the album. What do you think set it off?

are jonathan rice and jenny lewis dating

A Many different reasons. A I love Ben but he is a perfect performer and really demands perfection so I knew I had to play the parts right. Did he coach you back to health? A He always does. They knew what was going on with me so they were very gentle and kind. It sounds so fucking cheesy but sometimes you just need people to believe you can do it for you to do it. Have you been surprised at the response the song has received?