Are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

Exclusive: General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry Dish About Julexis

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

TV Guide Magazine sat down with General Hospital stars William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn — better known as the über-popular. Nancy Lee Grahn Has Family - A Daughter! The Supercouple of longest running soap opera,"General Hospital," Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry a lesbian and date a woman for a good reason of better compatibility. General Hospital Spoilers: William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn Share Hot . on a first date without her consent, especially a police detective.

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

Megan McTavish took over as head writer and splintered them as a couple. Suddenly, I was out of there. Cambias was made irredeemable which, back then, was death. It's not that way on soaps anymore — certainly not on GH.

I haven't had this happen to me in years And also there was Rexis. Thank God, [executive producer] Frank Valentini stopped my menopause story. Before this regime came along, there was no effort being made to write Alexis as a sexual being.

She was swimming in some very frigid waters. Some fans think smart, kickass Alexis is being an idiot for falling, yet again, for a bad guy.

Hey, I do that in my own life! I'm not an idiot. But my last relationship was very similar to all my other relationships. I keep picking the guy who isn't available. We all have our flaws. And Julian is experiencing emotions he's never felt before. He really wants to leave the mob for Alexis. Of course, he can't. If he does, everyone he loves will be dead. The fans understand why he's lying to her. So we should trust him? Is there any chance he's leading her on? After all, we still see Fluke pulling the strings.

If anyone in the audience is still suspicious of Julian, pretty soon you will see something on air that will leave you with no doubt about where he stands.

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I don't think anybody wants to see Julian turn out to be a d—k. Certainly not the people who follow me on Twitter. When I first came on the show, I played him very carefree, indifferent to everything, no real ties.

That's not him anymore. Alexis has had enough of con men! That dynamic has dried out. If she gets played yet again, by yet another douche bag, then it shows there has been absolutely no evolution in the character. But she always extracted herself from those bad relationships, right?

With Sonny, she knew what she was getting into. That's why the previous writing regime constantly repeated the theme that Alexis likes the bad boys, that she always picks the wrong ones. I would like to see a different outcome this time and have Julian get out of the mob for good. Does every guy in town have to be with the friggin' mob?

Run a publishing company! Open a car dealership! Businessmen can be devils, too. The artificial sugar is what helps you store fat. Grahn reluctantly decides on a salad; deVry asks for an omelet] Grahn: If you really want to go on a diet, you and I should talk.

That salad is not the way to go. What could be so bad? You need to eat a piece of chicken. Word is, the previous writing regime resented the success of Julexis. Julian was not brought in to be with Alexis. He was brought on for Sonny. Will did his screentest with Maurice Benard.

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Back in the day, soap writers treasured unexpected chemistry and milked it for all it was worth. It was considered gold. She saw sparks, so she started writing to it and it turned into something fantastic.

How does a couple fit into the budget? That determines what you see on screen. You can be really popular and still only work two days a week. Soap budgets are getting tighter and tighter but ABC decided to spring for a fab new house for Alexis and Julian. That was great news! That really pissed Maurice off.

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

How do you know? Now that I would agree with. I could be challenged a whole lot more. But what can I say? Did I say that? I have no idea what the writers are planning. I no longer prod. I am so weirdly content right now. Ha, ha, very funny. She also wanted an open line of communication. That was not the case with me and the past few writing regimes. Which were all led by men.

Exclusive: General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry Dish About Julexis

Then again, I work really well with Patrick Mulcahey, who is one of my favorite writers, and I can communicate with him like gangbusters. I think it was more of a personality thing. The female characters on GH have become way more interesting since Jean and Shelly came along. Here's something I really respect about Nancy: She will never tell me to change one of my acting choices.

It can be really aggravating when that happens. Nobody should do that. But some actors do and you don't. And I love that. Who does that to you at GH? The thing about Will is that he comes very eager to play.

He's very willing to go wherever the writers ask him to go. And I have worked with actors who can be very resistant to that. Can you at least say I'm funny? Because I know I'm funny. How do I answer that? What do they want me to say? You know damn well what they want you to say. But why, why, why? Here's a better answer: It depends on whether or not Julian thinks Alexis is the love of his life.

If he says yes, then she says yes, too. Well, I'm not going to answer that question because it wasn't posed to me.

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

Anyway, who's speaking right now — Nancy or Alexis? Are you strictly speaking from Alexis's heart?

Nancy Lee Grahn Has Family - A Daughter! Does That Mean She Is Married And Has A Husband?

It depends on your answer. That's such a cop out! That's Alexis being afraid to put her heart out there. Unless this is Nancy talking?

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

Did this interview just turn existential? I am speaking for Alexis! You want my character to be in love with yours, but you don't want yours to be in love with mine. That's it, isn't it? Ask any actor on a soap opera if he is truly in love and — with the exception of maybe Dominic Zamprogna — he will go, "Yes Women don't like that. They want to hear you say it. This is Nancy talking! And I speak for the fans. Trust me, the Julexis Army does not want to see Julian messing around.

A few weeks back, he was in a scene with Jordan and the Army was about to take her out. It was just a harmless scene! Nothing happened between them. But the fans wanted her dead. See, here's the problem: There are so many other women Julian could have on this show.

are william devry and nancy lee grahn dating

But, if Julian wasn't around, what other choice would Alexis have? Oh, what the hell, I'll just say it. Alexis is in love with Julian right now. Is he the love of her life? But I do know she really, really likes to have sex with him.

Nancy Lee Grahn Has Family - A Daughter! Does That Mean She Is Married And Has A Husband?

It felt so good! Ava and Morgan had sex and they were trending, and I remember feeling a little jealous about that. Dammit, I didn't know that. I would have been really upset.