Brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating advice

Acting VS Dancing: Trevor And Brittany From "The Next Step" Make A Choice | Faze

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating advice

Trevor and Brittany from The Next Step talk about being on tour, their love for dance and advice for upcoming dancers backstage at The Big Ticket Sumer concert. Brittany Raymond (Riley) and Trevor Tordjman (James) from The Next Step. 2am jinwoon and snsd seohyun dating dating uk christian tipos de pases en el baloncesto yahoo dating best dating advice books for men. Explore Friendliest Friend's board "Brittany Raymond" on Pinterest. girlfriend couple of The Next Step, Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are rumored to .

Then they started to send me calls for auditions and work opportunities. Brittany, when did you start dancing?

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I started at the age of about four. That was always my first passion, I had never really wanted to do anything else. I think when I started, I always wanted to be a dancer.

Have either of you ever had acting lessons? I have to say you guys are doing a great job. Thank you so much. Your scenes together are so much fun to watch. The relationship between James and Riley. Is it fun to film those? We always have the most fun with each other every day. Is it more fun to do the dance scenes or the acting scenes? I would have to say the same thing.

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Are dancers very competitive in real life like they are on the show? Is there competition between cast members?

Acting VS Dancing: Trevor And Brittany From “The Next Step” Make A Choice

I would have to say the on-camera interview scenes. How do you do those amazing flips? Can you become a dancer without being able to do flips? It seems like everybody can do those. No, you can definitely be a dancer without flipping. But everybody on the show can do them? How did they pick which cast members would go on tour?

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating advice

But the people they picked for the tour were characters who all the fans already know and relate to and who are available to do a tour. Trevor, in the third season, you get to show off your skills as a drummer. Do you drum in real life? I used to drum a lot when I was young, but as I started to take dance more seriously I stopped drumming a bit. Did they write that into the show because they knew that you were a drummer? Yeah, I believe so. How long does it take to do one episode?

At what age did you start dancing and when did you know that you wanted to make that something big in your life?

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I started dancing at the age of four. Even then I just knew it made me happy and I knew it was something that would always be a part of my life. Then once I joined The Next Step and it became such a big deal. Then I realized that it was actually possible for me to really pursue this. I started dance at the age of four. I loved performing and I was always that person who made it a big deal of committing to the character on stage.

If you had to choose between acting and dancing which one would it be? This is really hard. Dancing will always be a part of my life, whether I pursue it or not.

brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating advice

There will always be time for me to dance, so I feel like it is a part of me. Whereas acting is probably easier to actually pursue. Dancing is like a part of me and acting is something I do. I think acting is something that you can take forever.