Cheryl cole and derek hough dating

Derek Hough Admits He Briefly Dated Cheryl Cole As He Opens Up On Their Relationship - Capital

cheryl cole and derek hough dating

Cheryl Cole's Ex Derek Hough Breaks Silence On Relationship, has broken his silence on their relationship, revealing the pair did date. Derek Hough is currently dating professional dancer Hayley Erbert. Derek Bough briefly dated British singer Cheryl Cole, or more commonly. Derek Hough dated Cheryl Cole - February - May These two reportedly hooked up in after Cheryl got divorced. The "Dancing with the Stars" pro.

Derek Hough admits to dating Cheryl Cole | Daily Star

The pair called it quits in August - Elizabeth apparently found the rumours that her boyfriend was gay very trying, and this seems to have been a factor, although she declined to comment yesterday.

Derek is not the only Hough family member blighted by such gossip - his sister, Julianne, is dating American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, a dapper individual who is close friends with Simon Cowell and has long resisted rumours that he is gay. Indeed, Julianne told an interviewer that when she first met him, she thought he was gay, too.

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Then just as Derek was struggling for his big break into the world of pop, along came Cheryl Cole. He took her out for sushi and then turned up at her hotel in a tight T-shirt, carrying a small dog. He was photographed leaving at 4.

Derek Hough admits to dating Cheryl Cole

But in what capacity? Very talented and incredibly beautiful. She is the girl of his dreams. The plan seems to be that, for the time being, she will move into the house which Hough is renting on Mulholland Drive.

As for the future, choreographer Brian Friedman says of the couple: Following the humiliation she suffered with Ashley Cole and his pay-as-you-go phone habits, she deserves happiness.

cheryl cole and derek hough dating

The couple started dating in but they had met some years before through mutual friends and dancing. Supposedly they had a drunken hook-up and hit it off since then.

cheryl cole and derek hough dating

She was born in the UK where she also took her first steps in the entertainment business. She and Derek started dating back in and their relationship lasted for 8 years before Derek cheated on her with his co-star Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon Elizabeth Shortly after ending his relationship with India, Derek started to appear in public with none other than his co-star in Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth.

cheryl cole and derek hough dating

After landing a few other roles, she appeared in Dancing with the Stars next to Derek Hough and supposedly started dating when they were still on the show. Shannon denied this at first but accepted it some years later.

The pop star was born in Newcastle, England in and showed interest in the entertainment business from an early age.

Derek Tries to Deny He's Dating Cheryl Cole

She joined the Royal Ballet when she was 9 years old and after that she auditioned for Popstars: Derek and Cheryl had a very private relationship in Derek admitted later on that he had never heard any of her songs before meeting her but the ex-couple ended their relationship in good terms.

Ideal Types According to some media, Derek likes brunettes with tanned skin. Bough surely likes a women that knows how to move.

cheryl cole and derek hough dating