Francelina and jeff dating sim

Francelina Morillo & Jeff Nichols: Love Helps Keep the Weight Off |

francelina and jeff dating sim

Feb 25, The Biggest Loser's Francelina Morillo talks about her boyfriend Jeff has a better track record of romance than a lot of dating shows on TV. Francelina And Jeff Dating Sim. Online Dating Flash Meet new singles on Date -me. com, the free online dating site for the US and abroad. Chat, flirt and meet. Bio, dating, movies, tv watch the are jeff nichols and francelina morillo dating modern dating game pounds to. Dec reveal the show and store manager.

But was there any part of you that was disappointed that you would be going home? I mean of course, you know, I was like, "Oh no, I'm going home," but at the same time, I knew that I had gathered the tools in there that I needed to survive in the real world and I didn't want to take that from anybody else. So I think that some of the people that stayed after me, you know, they needed to work on a few things and I was ready to face the real world.

And that week, I did everything I could. I went out of my way.

Are jeff nichols and francelina morillo dating

I ran so many miles. I mean, I did everything right and only lost two pounds. And it's just, you know, with weight loss, you never know.

francelina and jeff dating sim

And I wasn't as disappointed because I knew that I had given it my all. The other contestants really seemed to view you as like a motivational figure. They always seemed to say that you pushed them to work hard.

Was that something you intentionally did or did it just kind of happen? I think I didn't do it intentionally. I think sometimes, you know, I was sort of the biggest girl there and I was always running or I was always moving. And then they would see me and they would start running because they were like, "Well if she's running, then I should be running. And I think it hurt me more to have to leave them than for me just to go and not be "the biggest loser.

Were there any moments that you wanted to quit or did you have any particularly tough moments? Prior to the ranch, I had lost pounds and most of it I lost out of anger and being negative with myself. And I promised myself that if I got on this show, it would all be positive and I was positive from Day 1.

francelina and jeff dating sim

I gave it my all from Day 1. I never put up a fight and that's just me. The new me is positive, is outgoing, is always smiling and wants the best for me and I learned that the best way to do that is to just, you know, surround yourself with positive energy, positive people and that's who I am and that's what I radiate from now on.

Could you talk a little bit about the people who were sometimes unwilling or defiant throughout their journeys on the show? You've seen them upfront, close and personal.

francelina and jeff dating sim

What else has happened that viewers haven't seen? You know, I think that everybody's experience on the ranch is different. Not everybody responds positively to negative reinforcement, to somebody being in your face. You know, sometimes you're trying to run on the treadmill and if somebody's in your face, you can't even concentrate on breathing. So I think that different training style worked for different people and sometimes that's what you see.

Also, you know, you have 15 people with different personalities and they're all stuck in one place together exercising, you know, super stressed and all these plump people want to eat and can't eat. So sometimes they're going to, you know, personalities are going to clash.

But overall everybody is awesome. And sometimes it sucks to see the episodes and how some people are portrayed. But, you know, this is real life. This what happens sometimes. You just mentioned eating and I was wondering how your diet has changed from the first time you lost weight on your own to how you've been losing weight through The Biggest Loser plan?

Oh it has changed drastically. See I was a compulsive binger, so I was eating a lot of healthy stuff but I was binging on everything that was healthy. And now I'm all about portion size and how if you have too much of a good thing, it's also bad. And now, I just feel my body and I'm not thinking so much about, "Oh this tastes good. Let me just have a ton of it. So my relationship with food and the fact that I was dealing with my anxiety about certain things with food and, you know, now I workout instead and everything has changed.

So I've come a long way. What are your favorite foods now? Honestly, I am a meat eater. I love, you know, chicken, making salads, fruits with some peanut butter. I just, I enjoy tons of different things. Oh I made kale chips the other day.

Although I will say they weren't too good. I was hoping you could discuss a little bit more about like what you were or weren't binging on. You know, I think that like I said before, too much of a good thing could be bad. You know, I was eating a ton of fruits, not sticking to portion size. Least favorite by just thinking about friend on come with divorce. Month is realistic on. Truvias u cud add more achievable to living. Anderson and are jeff and francelina from biggest loser still dating define absolute dating of fossils one group biggest loser written.

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francelina and jeff dating sim

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Francelina And Jeff Dating Sim

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francelina and jeff dating sim