Gerard butler and jessica biel dating

Jessica Biel & Gerard Butler Dating? |

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

With Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Noah Lomax. in Playing for Keeps () Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gerard Butler in Playing Release Date. Jessica Biel hitched a ride on Gerard Butler's Harley Davidson motorcyle on .. Andrew Garfield, Rita Ora Take a Stroll Amid Dating Rumors. JESSICA Biel has been spotted riding on the back of Gerard Butler's motorbike - fuelling speculation they are dating. The pair have reportedly.

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Carl then lends George a Ferrari under the implication that he "takes care of his friends", which George uses to drive to see Stacie. The two discuss what could have developed between the two of them, to which Stacie says that she doesn't wonder about the past anymore.

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

When he gets home, he discovers Barb waiting for him. She confesses that she's very lonely and has set up a dating profile in order to find a match.

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After asking him if he finds her attractive, the two sleep together. The following day George is called by Carl, who asks him to pick up some money from Patti in order to bail him out of jail, as he got into a fight at the party. Doing so makes him late to pick up his son, but he manages to entertain Lewis by letting him ride in his lap and drive the Ferrari.

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During this time, George discovers that Lewis is sad that his mother is marrying Matt and that he won't call Matt "dad".

George is then called by Denise, who informs him that ESPN is looking for a new football sportscaster and that he must come to the studio to record a tape.

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

This enrages Stacie and Lewis due to his being late to pick up Lewis again, weakening his relationship with the both of them. Arriving home, George is berated by his landlord Param Iqbal Theba for not paying his rent while driving a Ferrari and receives a call from Patti, telling him that she's in his bed.

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

He soon finds that she's in the landlord's bed and George manages to distract the landlord by paying him with Carl's bribe money. Despite this, Patti continues to approach George sexually, who rebuffs her while saying that she should leave Carl rather than having an affair.

Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel: Cajun Courtship?

His relationship with Lewis worsens when Denise kisses George the next day, leading Lewis to realize why his father was late. This spurs Lewis into having a fight during a game later on, prompting Lewis to tell his mother that he wants to quit playing football. George manages to later coax Lewis into playing football in the rain, which both of them find fun. Meanwhile, Stacie and George begin to reconnect romantically, which causes small rifts in her relationship with Matt.

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He asks Stacie to come with him. Just before he and Biel stepped out publicly for the first time inUs Weekly reported that Timberlake hooked up with Scarlett Johansson. In SeptemberStar reported that Timberlake hooked up with Rihanna after he was spotted doing a walk of shame from her home wearing the same clothes he'd entered in the night before.

Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel dating?

Us Weekly also reports that in September Timberlake cheated on Biel with Olivia Munn who believed him when he said he was single. Then we have People reporting that Timberlake "got cozy" with Olivia Wilde in spring of Still, through all of this, Biel kept taking him back, with Lainey Gossip reporting she's "obsessed with being [Timberlake's] girl.

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

Kilimanjaro Getty Images Biel was a novice mountain climber when she scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro in January Biel and fellow stars like Emile Hirsch scaled the mountain for the Summit for Summit charity, with donors giving money for every foot Biel and her comrades scaled.

gerard butler and jessica biel dating

Radar Online reports that despite Biel not having a lot of experience in mountain climbing, the athletic starlet was in such amazing shape that it was a breeze for her anyway. The Marvel hunk dated Biel from to She would've made a great stripper Getty Images Biel played a stripper in Powder Blueand she trained in exotic dance for the role.

However, according to her "stripper coach," Biel didn't even need the help.