Istj and intj dating struggles

istj and intj dating struggles

I am an INTJ (27 F) going through some internal struggles about life. We met in college and despite my many rejections for his dating. INTJ's are naturally a bit shy, and when this is combined with their difficulty reading people's This can lead to the ISTJ searching for someone similar to their last partner instead of someone You “pick out” people to date. This section ISTJ-INTJ relationship is about how the dynamics of these two at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have.

ESFJ You rely too much on a partner. For unhealthy ESFJs without a strong support network, this leads to seeking out another relationship immediately regardless of true interest in the other person. ISFP Your emotions get the best of you.

Here’s Why You Struggle In Relationships, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Mainly that ISFPs often struggle with feeling appreciated and loved, and can often boomerang between wanting love from their partner, and worrying that they are bothering their partner with their wants.

ENTJ You are too sensitive. This can lead them to not engaging with potential partners at all, because it makes them fear for the possible breakup. ENFP You idealize relationships. When ENFPs feel lost, they often turn to this unachievable ideal of the perfect relationship. This means that none of their real-life relationships can ever truly match up to this ideal, leaving them oftentimes disappointed.

ISFJ You fall into love too quickly. This leaves them much more invested in the relationship right off the bat, potentially alienating their prospective romantic interest. ESFP You get bored easily.

istj and intj dating struggles

ESFPs know how to bring the party, but this can lead to disappointment in types with less energy. ENTPs often feel that their partner should intuitively know that the ENTP appreciates them, not recognizing that this is not typically the case.

More From Thought Catalog. This may cause them to do humanitarian work out of guilt rather than love. Why is this an issue? They'll have a difficult time connecting with people and will be stuck connecting with the idea of people. Being a bit too systematic to the point where creativity is lost.

Then they will force spontaneous creativity which may be hard to follow. They might not be in touch with their body, but think they are—and this may cause you pain, sudden falls to the floor, getting sick, or sudden impairment.

Feeling a strong need to only be with the same kinds of people. Feeling left out in group settings, but unable to fully express why They may want to be left out. They're not sure how to express your feelings because they're abstract and not necessarily understood by others.

istj and intj dating struggles

There's a genuine complex in having logic easily come out, emotions rush out, and getting people who are less equipped for thought on the same page, if there is a same page. Weird moments of performance ability that no one was expecting. What is this painting? There's sides to you Like when my friend suddenly decided to dress up like a mountain.

So strategy minded at times that others can be hurt. You don't mean to hurt others, just sometimes you gotta be curt.

istj and intj dating struggles

Feeling as though you could be king of your domain, but are too into solving problems for the greater good that you come off more like a chancellor or wizard-hermit. But you wouldn't mind having a wizard-hermit hat. You may struggle with crowd dynamics.

They may be too busy and too unpredictable and also lead to unfavorable circumstances or conclusions. A love for ideas that can often be difficult to match.

ISTJ-INTJ Relationship

You could sit and think about things for an entire day. You could sit and recite speeches in the bathroom and no one would know it. People often miss out on the full, beautiful picture that you are. A massive amount of introspection, self-talk, and a dark side fueled by knowing too much evil. There's a reason several of the great blockbuster trilogies have villains of this personality type.

Here’s Why You Struggle In Relationships, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type | Thought Catalog

I have never seen someone cook in a more strange way than an INTJ. I'm not sure how your brain is processing how foods come together, but dumping a lot of paprika is usually not the best way to go.

This personality has a mad-scientist-like mind, so I assume bad trials are sometimes favorable. You want people to make their own decisions, but sometimes you don't like their decisions. You'd prefer they listen to you and follow through with it, but you don't want to be an asshole about it. You just think they're going about it the wrong way.

These souls could have many caves that people don't know about from movie theaters, long walks, grocery stores, or closets.

30 Struggles All INTJs Can Understand

Sudden moments of disengaging from group activities to go on walks of your own Constantly being blindsided by the strangest things which can also cause paranoia. How in the world did I not see that flying pig coming? Having strange interests in things that others don't quite understand.

Collecting stamps and learning spells from ancient Norwegian books. A need to conquer something Sudden needs for things to be clean that really don't matter whether they are clean or not Peculiar interests in cleaning, let's put it that way. They sometimes tend to respond to conflict with logic and reason, rather than the desired emotional need. You don't really care what a lot of people think that much, which can be confusing.

istj and intj dating struggles

You're not for the bandwagon. You are a rebel.

istj and intj dating struggles

You really honestly think you're right. But I hate to tell you this: