Kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

Getting Back A Lost Love Chapter 1: Preface, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

Kim and Jack are hiding a secret from the gang they're hiding their true identities. They start to date and jack is scared of what jerry thinks since. "Promise me this will be a secret between us," Kim said as she slid her shirt over her torso Jack asked, tightening his grip on Kim as if it would make sure she wasn't crazy. Are you guys secretly dating or something?". In their famous life they have to be dating for better what if that fake dating becomes real once they see each other as jack and Kim.

Jack and Kim: A Date, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

Just tell her that you have a boyfriend and that you want to keep it a secret because your parents don't want you to have a boyfriend. She'll be mad, but not super pissed.

And my dad doesn't want me to have a boyfriend. My mom knows about us, but that's because I tell her everything.

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

She's one of my best friends. She nestled her head in Jack's shoulder. A couple weeks passed, and it began to be the hottest summer that Seaford had ever seen. They were all done with their junior years, and everyone was ready to be seniors.

They still had karate practice during the summer, and they were practicing in shorts and tank tops. One day, it was stiflingly hot and Kim was dying of heat. While getting ready for karate practice, she decided to grab her cheerleading practice gear—a pair of short shorts and a brightly colored sports bra—and left for the dojo. She usually wore slightly more modest clothes because, after all, it was a dojo of all guys. Jack, at his house and dying of heat, decided to just grab a pair of basketball shorts.

He changed super quickly and ran out of the house, gathering his skateboard from the porch and left for the dojo. He got lots of looks on the way there from teenage girls.

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

He walked into the dojo and was greeted by Jerry, Milton and Eddie. They appeared to have similar thoughts, but Milton and Eddie, being self-conscious about their bodies, had chosen tank tops. Jerry, convinced of his "swag", wasn't wearing a shirt and high-fived Jack to congratulate him on his similar outfit choice. Rudy walked out of his office, fully dressed in his gi and dripping sweat.

I still have to wear this though. It's in the rulebook for sensei's of the Bobby Wasabi dojos," Rudy said. Everyone was shocked at the fact that Rudy had actually read the rulebook. They heard a door close, then footsteps. Suddenly they were flabbergasted. Kim had walked out in a bright pink sports bra and a pair of tiny shorts that said CHEER on the back with rhinestones. Her hair was in a messy bun on the top of her head.

Jack and Jerry stared, while Milton and Eddie turned red. They hadn't seen that much of a girl's skin ever.

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

Jerry turned to Jack. Do you see her hickey? He had remembered the hickey he put on the edge of her hip the previous day while they were making out in his backyard. He had thought her bikini made her look gorgeous. Jerry got his mischievous look on. I don't have a hickey. Jack laughed and walked over to her. What on earth were you doing when you got that? She smacked Jack on the chest, and then realized that, "Jack, why aren't you wearing a shirt?

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

Besides, this is what all the cheerleaders wear when we practice. Sometimes we coordinate so that we match. Jerry gasped, "So, Kelsey wears an outfit like that every morning during practice? So does Grace and Donna and all the others. Jerry looked like he had frozen. Jack walked over to him and waved his hand in front of Jerry's face. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Kim's, um, outfit.

His face was the color of a tomato, although that may have been from the heat. I can switch with Jerry. Does he make you uncomfortable? Its just that I've never seen that much of…girl skin before…" Milton whispered. Kim laughed and switched places with Jerry so that she was facing Jack and Jerry was facing Milton. Jerry flipped Milton and quickly won. Milton groaned on the ground, but got up slowly.

Next, it was Rudy and Eddie's turn. Eddie threw a punch which Rudy blocked, then swept a leg and knocked Eddie's feet off the ground, defeating him. They had snuck off while Rudy and Eddie were sparring. The lovebirds were currently making out in the supply closet in the back part of the dojo.

I would have put it somewhere else! She smacked his bare chest, "And what was the thinking behind this, huh? Why no shirt, I mean, not that I'm complaining or anything" she said. He shrugged, "I was really hot. And I don't like wearing a shirt in the summer. He just wouldn't be Milton if he wasn't seen tripping onto the floor every now and then, now would he Jack?

He just chuckled and nodded in agreement as he flashed her his oh-so-popular smile. In return Kim just laughed and continued her decent down the stairs towards her locker to get her things. Jack just stared after her and thought, 'God she's beautiful.

Mentally kicking himself, he made his way towards his locker to do the same deed. With a little trouble, the heavy textbooks and the stack of returned assignments were finally placed in his locker. With his homework was safely tucked away in his backpack, Jack made his way towards Kim. Where, from what he could see with her back turned to him, she was having a little trouble with her books and assignments.

So, being the gentlemen he was, Jack rushed towards Kim to give her some help. She knew that voice so well that even with her back turned she could see the known grin on the owner's face. And it seems like ya'll just in time to save my day Mr. A bit of her southern accent being heard. Jack, being very fond and use to this teasing banter between the two of them, puffed his chest, deepened his voice, and tried to sound more like a prince would. Jack chuckled and took her books from her arms and began organizing them to Kim's specific orders.

He then closed her locker shut, helped put her backpack on, and grabbed her hand all in one swift motion. Jack just wrapped his arms around her waist and breathed in her strawberry vanilla scent. He raised his eyebrow and cocked his head at her. Jack just laughed and grinned at his girlfriend's cute accent and facial expression. Kim just smiled sweetly. She knew the perfect way to make her boyfriend shut up and both of them happy. She pulled him into sweet and long kiss.

Jack tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her closer, losing himself in the kiss. After two minutes of bliss, both pulled away for only two reasons; still being in the school hallway and being human and needing air. Giving her a quick kiss, Jack removed his arms from her waist and resumed in holding her hand as the two began walking towards the exit.

kickin it fanfiction jack and kim secretly dating

I'll tell them later. When they did called Jack, who was over his cold, and he came running in. He was about to ask where Kim was, then they heard her first sob. Jack kicked down the door he promised Rudy he would pay for damages and ran over to Kim and hugged her to himself. The gang left and walked to Phil's, Eddie was hungry and they knew the couple wanted privacy. I want to be there for you.

I couldn't even ditch him. I am so stupid. He was heartbroken because these things were nottrue, angry at Brett who kissed his girlfriend, and stupid because he couldn't walk her to practice because he was sick. You couldn't ditch him because you are wearing bright orange that anyone could spot from a mile away. You are smart, strong, beautiful, and perfect.

Secret Chapter 1, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

Your little quirks like when you like Reece's Pieces better than Reece's Cup even though they are the exact same, make you who you are. Kim was surprised by his last sentence. The next day, Jack finds Brett with a smug look on his face until he sees Jack, then he almost pees his pants. Jack… well let's not get into details, but Brett moves, but no one knows where. Kim was on a happy high you know when you lose control of your actions and kisses Jack with fiery passion and Jack happily returns, until the gang groans in disgust.

The End "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.