Mikado and anri dating games

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mikado and anri dating games

Read The Games Begun from the story Mikado's Secret [Durarara Fanfic] [Yaoi] { BXB} by . Masaomi Kida, Sonohara Anri & Ryuugamine Mikado - Durarara Izaya How to impress your date- Durarara text posts Me Me Me Anime, All Anime. Kida are gonna be wit someone else prezentnaslub.info for Mikado and Anri.. who knows? XD the anime kinda just ended it wit them being friends i. This is a page for all the Durarara!! relationships! Trending pages. Mikado and Anri · Izaya and Shizuo · Shizuo and Vorona · Shinra and Celty · Izaya and Namie .

Kyouhei apologizes to them about dragging everyone into their mess. Anri and the others are confused until they see several members of a biker gang called Toramaru after them. After several hours, they are joined by Celty, who is being chased by more members of the biker gang, and she relays her plan to Kyouhei. They eventually come across an overpass, where Celty holds the Toramaru members off as Kyouhei and Saburo drive the high schoolers away from the fight, dropping them off near a police station.

Kyouhei's gang drives back to assist Celty, and Anri and Mikado also run back to try and help, with Anri calling out to any of Saika's children in the area. She senses Egor in the bag Celty is transporting and orders him to assist her. When the two of them arrive, Ruri Hijiribedisguised as a headless knight, has also joined in the fight, and she and Egor successfully defeat the Toramaru members caught in Celty's net.

After the incident blows over, Anri attends the hotpot party held at Celty and Shinra's and even helps with the cooking. Akane Arc Edit Anri and Mikado are once again approached by Aoba about touring Ikebukuro since their last outing was interrupted by Toramaru. Mikado initially turns him down so Aoba begins to subtly flirt with Anri. Anri doesn't really pick up on it but Mikado panics and states that what he had planned that day could wait. The three of them set a date to meet up the next day.

mikado and anri dating games

Later that night, Anri answers a knock at the door only to find Vorona coming at her with a pair of garden scissors. Anri draws Saika and manages to gain the upper hand and with some help from Celty manages to chase Vorona and Slon away.

After chasing the two Russians across the highway, for a bit, Celty returns and asks if Anri is okay. Anri is unharmed but Celty insists that She stay at her place for the night since Vorona would most likely return for a rematch. Celty drops off Anri at the apartment and introduces her to Akane and she spends the night there. Once Anri wakes up, she gets ready to meet Mikado and Aoba.

Shinra suggests that she take Akane with her since there wasn't much to do at home. Anri agrees and the two of them head off. While they are waiting, Rio Kamichika recognizes Anri and asks her if she wanted to hang out with her and her friends for today. Anri declines and watches as Rio and several of her friends head towards a near by cafe.

Not long after, Anri gets a message from Aoba stating that Mikado couldn't make it after all and telling her to wait for him. On top of that, several members of the Awakusu surround her and begin talking to Akane.

Anri is cautious but doesn't try anything since Akane actually appeared to know them. Mikado is unable to fully explain but he tells Anri not to trust Aoba. After the arrival to Toramaruthe Awakusu members tell Celty to keep Akane safe while they hold them off. Celty transforms her motorbike into a chariot and Anri, Akane, and Mikado get on and ride thorough the city.

mikado and anri dating games

The four of them eventually come to an underground parking lot to regroup. Mikado gets a message from the dollars message board and runs off in a hurry. Celty shows Anri the message about the kidnapping and sees Rio and her friends in the picture. She rushes after Mikado and finds him about to get beaten to death by several rogue dollars members.

Anri easily incapacitates them with Saika and tends to an injured Mikado. Although bruised, Mikado has no broken bones and the duo proceed to Raira which is where the kidnappers said they were going.

Vorona follows them discreetly. When they arrive, they see the rogue dollars confronting Chikage and Kyouhei. As Mikado watches, Vorona launches another attack on Anri and throws a flash bang which blinds the two of them. Although she loses her eyesight, Anri allows Saika to take control and allows it to fight for her while her eyesight recovers.

She tells mikado to run as Vorona leads Anri into the large battle surrounding the Dollars and Toramaru against kidnappers. As they continue to fight, Vorona manages to knock Anri off balance and is about to make the killing blow.

Chikage Rokujou blocks both of their attacks, reprimanding them for trying to kill each other. The entire battle is interrupted by the arrival of Shizuo who incapacitates all of the kidnappers. Anri is reluctant to tell them the full details, but the others understand and accept her for who she is which touches Anri. Anri looks around for Mikado but can't seem to find him anywhere. She returns home, exhausted, and logs on to the chatroom.

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She makes a comment on how empty the forum has been recently and logs off, unaware of the change that has occurred in Mikado's heart. Daily Life Arc Anri plays a minor role in this part of the story, only appearing when Seiji asks her about Mika's location and later when she goes to visit her mother's grave she converses with Akabayashi.

Adabashi Arc Edit Anri is worried over the recent change in Mikado's personality as he begins to grow increasingly distant from her. When she confronts him about his recent change, Mikado asks her about Saika upfront which shocks Anri since they promised not to discuss their secrets until Masaomi had returned. When Anri refuses to give a straight answer, Mikado simply replies that if Anri stayed out of his business, he would stay out of hers.

Things are further complicated as Anri begins to notice that it is getting harder and harder for her to keep Saika in check. Anri talks to Celty about her predicament and Anri realizes that Saika only appears to get worse whenever Mikado is around or if she is thinking about him.

Since Anri has only been able to keep Saika under control due to an apparent lack of love, the fact that Saika acts up whenever Mikado is around implies that Anri may be developing feelings for him. She is attacked by Adabashibut he chases after Yuigadokusonmaro.

Anri eventually meets Masaomi who, by this time, has reassembled the yellow scarves. Although Anri is worried, he reassures her and tells her that he'll set Mikado straight. Anri is relieved that Masaomi has returned but is still deeply concerned about Mikado and Saika. Anri doesn't appear until near the very end of the novel where she runs into Erika while out shopping. Erika suggests that Anri take up cosplay however Anri is less than enthusiastic about the idea.

Mikado and Anri | Durarara!! Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Erika and Anri started to talk about Anri's relationship with Mikado. All the while, Erika and her friends are forcing Anri to try on various outfits, much to her dismay. Anri then starts to ask a lot of questions about Masaomi's return when Erika brings it up.

After hearing that Kyouhei's surgery went well, she leaves the hospital and tries to call Mika but Mika doesn't answer the call. Erika asks Anri to get cat ears at a cosplay shop so that Kyouhei will wake up surrounded by girls wearing cat ears when they visit him. Izaya tells her what he is going to do with Masaomi and Mikado which causes Anri severe emotional stress. Erika angrily defends Anri from Izaya's taunts, saying she will support Anri as a friend.

Later Anri bumps into Haruna who asks her to follow her to a park. Haruna tells that she would if she were younger but would forgive her now and asks to collaborate. Anri rejects her offer. Haruna thanks her for rejecting her because now she has a reason to fight her. Anri lets Haruna slash her but Kasane stop the event. Kasane then explains that the Saika she owns is only half of the original and that she owns the the other half of Saika. She attempts to buy Saika from Anri, but Anri refuses.

After meeting with Haruna and Kasane, she bumps into Saki.

mikado and anri dating games

Saki asks her about her relationship with Masaomi and she tells her that they are just friends. Edit She arrives late to Masaomi and Mikado's showdown, with Saki. As Saki hangs back, the three friends reveal their secrets to each other, while laughing and smiling.

Suddenly, Nasujima appears behind Anri, and attempts to stab her, however, Mikado jumps in the way, and takes the blow instead. This enrages Anri into attempting to attack her former teacher, only for Haruna to intercept her and protect Nasujima, whom she would disappear with after he is run over by Togusa.

Later in the hospital, Anri and Masaomi are presents when Mikado wakes up from his wounds. She walked over to him, "I'm sorry did I keep you waiting?

He smiled at Anri who was wearing a black cardigan over a pink dress. As the pair decided to make their way to their movie they had no idea that they were being watched. The man wore a dark suit and pulled out his cell phone and after dialing the number he simply said, "I've found them.

The leader of the slashers was unknown and the leader of the yellow scarfs was long gone and no one but a few people knew the name of the leader of the dollars. A few members of the yellow scarves that were once members of the Blue squares knew Mikado was the leader but they were in jail with injuries. Once they had been apprehended the yellow scarfs fell apart for the most part letting the teens lead a normal life without the fear of someone coming after them.

That started to change as word amongst criminals was that both Mikado and Anri had something to do with what happened and that taking them out would reveal the Dollars leader and Slashers. Suddenly there were whispers about a hit on both of them and the yellow scarves, yakuza and other criminals were eager to cash in. Now someone had spotted them and was waiting for the right time.

But the news about their location started to spread.


They watched the movie in peace, it was comedy with romantic elements which made both of them uneasy. After the movie they made their way to a local restaurant to get something to eat. A blonde waitress came over and took their order.

mikado and anri dating games

They sat across each other taking in stolen glances in silence. Neither knew what to say to each other so they just smiled. Mikado looked at Anri's small shy smile, he was wringing his hands nervously he could feel his hands start to sweat.

Anri noticed his nervous smile she folded her hands on her lap feeling her heart starting to race again as the voice rang louder in her head. It was an odd experience for her even with Saika's voice ringing in her head somehow just being around Mikado kept her calm.

Then the waitress came over with their drinks. He tired to focus on her so he wouldn't to focus on Anri who made him so nervous. As he looked at the restaurant he noticed how empty the place looked, the waitress seemed to be the only one of the staff there. Mikado took a sip from his drink, "There doesn't seem to be a lot of people working here today. Mikado couldn't help but think back to that video link that Masaomi sent him.

He said they should wait for Masaomi to return before they decided anything about their relationship but then again that was something he assumed that they never actually agreed to.

He was certainly aware that he wanted to be more than just friends. Mikado thought to himself, Should I ask her now? We never talked about actually dating before. Maybe I should just wait until Masaomi comes back. In the end he didn't say anything just because he was to nervous to bringing the subject up.

Maybe he should have as that moment several yellow scarfs entered the restaurant. One of them, who was wearing a yellow hoodie, looked familiar to the pair like they had seen him get his head shaved and then tossed into a wall. The others then proceeded to pull out there knives. Mikado's mind flush with ideas mostly about why were there people with knives looking for them. Anri had a different experience as she felt that there was danger she also felt the familiar sensation of the cold blade slipping out of her arm.

She didn't want Mikado to see her like that, he knew she had a magic sword inside her that was a fact she couldn't keep after the fight at the warehouse, she still didn't want to stab someone in front of him.

It was clear that something had to be done or someone was going to be hurt and Anri decided that if she didn't want Mikado hurt she had to act. She had decided but as the window was smashed through by a gangster with a gun who jumped in things changed.

He wore a dark suit and pointed a gun slowly shifting it between Mikado and Anri.

You Don't See Me {Mikado x Anri} (Valentine's Day 2015)

The man with the yellow hoodie yelled at him, "They're ours. We're collecting the bounty on these suckers heads! A car screeched to a stop in front of the restaurant and people holding weapons quickly flooded out of it.

Does everyone know they're here?! Only a moment ago when the gun man showed up and took focus Mikado grabbed Anri's hand pulling her away and heading out to the back. As they ran out the back door the sword slipped back inside her. Anri looked at her hand in Mikado's as they ran it reminded her of the time Masaomi did something similar but this felt different.

They ran knowing that it wouldn't take them that long to be found so they just kept running. The thing they really didn't known was the waitress saw them leave. She was on her cell phone, "We'll it's done.

They just ran down the street. I don't think they'll last too long. Now we just have to see how things end up. Let's see how lucky they get today. Anri and Mikado hid in an alley way trying to figure why people were suddenly after them. They thought they had been safe and for a long time nothing seemed to put them in any real danger. Their hearts beat quickly they didn't think much of it since they were threaten and ran only moments ago. Her eyes turned red as she reached out to Saika's children but none were near.

Then they heard the familiar click of a gun. They turned around to see the gun man from earlier and holding the gun at them.

As he turned around his hand was grabbed and he was pulled up by it. Simon tightened his grip on his hand making it hard for him to pull the trigger as he heard his fingers crack. I give you good deal. Simon was the black Russian sushi chef. He was a well known pacifist but that doesn't mean that if you cause violence he won't make you regret it. He was a tall imposing figure even if he was just simply smiling so one can imagine how the gun man felt being lifted by him.

Or I might just to turn you into human sushi and it doesn't taste too good. Simon was a patient man and a pacifist but seeing a guy pull out a gun on two kids for no reason was something he couldn't ignore. Pausing the game he picked up the phone, "Hello Shinra speaking.

That someone had put a hit on them. Okay, the girl is a little distant and there is the whole thing with the sword but still. He really isn't the kind to hold a grudge.

Besides if he really wanted them dead he'd send a killer to their houses, nice a quick. The thing is he likes seeing people's emotions. Sending killer doesn't get him the front row seat he likes.

In his own unique he loves people, he doesn't really try to kill them. He'd honestly prefer to leave them alive and just suffering a little. It's going to be harder to find them but if someone else finds them then it just going to make it easier for them to finish the job. Trying to avoid the crowds and anyone that might be after them Mikado hand in hand with Anri ran through the busy streets.

Anri gave his hand a squeeze as they ran, she could ran fast but would have to leave him behind and she didn't want to and being with him kept her calm. The pair quickly found themselves in the park as they tried to catch their breath. Little did they know that only a short distance Izaya smiled devilishly as he pulled out his phone to send a message to certain people looking for the pair. The neigh of a horse was heard breaking the silence of the night as the familiar headless rider rode into the park.

We're in trouble someone is trying to get you two killed. Are you two all right? You're red and breathing hard. Right, hop on I'll take you guys home. As they finished reading her PDA Celty created a pair of helmets and a side car on the bike using her shadows.

Anri got on the bike leaving Mikado to take the side car, they quickly made their way into streets. Unfortunately for them they were blocked by a large group of thugs they were trying to lose. Trying to turn back they found themselves surrounded.