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Lisa Blount, who starred in An Officer and A Gentleman, dies, aged 53 | Daily Mail Online

officers and gentlemen online dating

It's no secret that I didn't love An Officer And A Gentleman then, and I She then co-starred with Gere in An Officer And A Gentleman, and Winger was on .. she'll work up until due date - with another scheduled for next week. An Officer And A Gentleman - The Musical (Touring) tour dates and tickets from Entscom, the UK's biggest entertainment website. A young man must complete his work at a Navy Officer Candidate School to become an aviator, with the help of a tough Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman () David Keith and Lisa Blount in An Officer and a Release Date.

The blimp hangar used for the famous fight scene between Louis Gossett Jr.

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The space is now occupied by a company that makes sails. The fictional "TJ's" is an homage to the Trader Jon's bar in Pensacola, Florida, as a naval aviator hangout until it closed later in November For years, it was traditional for graduating Aviation Officer Candidate School classes to celebrate their commissioning at "Trader's. In spite of the strong on-screen chemistry between Gere and Winger, the actors didn't get along during filming.

Publicly, she called him a "brick wall" while he admitted there was "tension" between them.

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Thirty years later, Gere was complimentary towards Winger when he said that she was much more open to the camera than he was, and he appreciated the fact that she presented him with an award at the Rome Film Festival. One had Receipt no. Velocestates it was agreed cinemas showing the film would be promoted at their local Triumph dealer, and TE Triumph Bonnevilles supplied by the dealer would be displayed in the cinema's foyers. Ending[ edit ] Richard Gere balked at shooting the ending of the film, in which Zack arrives at Paula's factory wearing his naval dress whites and carries her off the factory floor.

Gere thought the ending would not work because it was too sentimental.

officers and gentlemen online dating

Director Taylor Hackford agreed with Gere until, during a rehearsal, the extras playing the workers began to cheer and cry. When Gere saw the scene later, with a portion of the score that was used to write " Up Where We Belong " played at the right tempo, he said it gave him chills. Gere is now convinced Hackford made the right decision.

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The original, an uncensored R-rated cut and edited-for-broadcast television cut which first aired on NBC in are nearly identical. The main difference is that the nudity and a majority of the foul language are edited out when the film airs on regular television.

However, the group marching song near the beginning of the film and Mayo's solo marching song are not voiceover edits; they are reshoots of those scenes for television. Also, the sex scene between Mayo and Paula is cut in half, and the scene where Mayo finds Sid's naked body hanging in the shower is also edited. Box office[ edit ] An Officer and a Gentleman was an enormous box office success and went on to become the third-highest-grossing film ofafter E.

Wherever she has been - or not, for that matter - it is refreshing to have her back. Her role as mother of the bride in Jonathan Demme's Rachel Getting Married - an angst-ridden comedy-drama, starring Anne Hathaway, about long-simmering family tensions that surface at a wedding - has earned Winger rave reviews in the US. And, at 53, she appears to be one of the few actresses of her age who has resisted the surgeon's knife.

Denying the lines on our faces makes a comment about age and wisdom I don't care to make.

officers and gentlemen online dating

I think it's a little irresponsible for women who choose surgery to then say they can portray the average woman on the street, because if the average woman can't afford those treatments, then she's going to say, "I'm 53 and I don't look like that", and start thinking she's ugly or inadequate.

We do need to assume some responsibility for our choices.

officers and gentlemen online dating

It probably cost her her household name status. She walked out of filming A League Of Their Own - fearing a farce when director Penny Marshall cast Madonna - and turned down the lead role in Broadcast News, which then went to Holly Hunter who was nominated for an Oscarbecause she had just become pregnant - career suicide in most people's eyes. I had to say that there were complications,' she recalls.

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Her route into acting in the first place could have come from the plot of a bad B movie. Growing up in Los Angeles, she was 17 when a near-fatal car accident left her temporarily blind in one eye and partially paralysed.

Lying in her hospital bed, she vowed to do something spectacular with her life. Previously she had flirted with the idea of a career in criminal rehabilitation; now she headed for the Hollywood Hills. Her first movie role was in in Slumber Party 57, and was followed a few years later by the John Travolta hit, Urban Cowboy.

So what actually promoted this break from Hollywood back in the s? My own life just felt more compelling than any of the stories I could be telling on screen.

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My eldest son, Noah [by Hutton, and now aged 21] was also in that real transitional period before his teens, and needed me.