Online dating pros and cons essay structure

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online dating pros and cons essay structure

Traditional" Term Paper ( Words)! ☘ has in recent times undergone significant changes with online dating slowly taking the place of traditional dating or. Online dating sites maintain databases which keep track of a large pool of people who sign up for the service. Most of these sites run on a subscription model. Today, as never before in history, there are communications systems in place that are so rapid and efficient that they have virtually erased distance and time lag.

For many others, online dating is a study in frustration and disillusionment.

online dating pros and cons essay structure

What are the sources of these frustrations? Studies have shown that the methods used by these websites do not yield the hoped for results. The fact is that lists of personal and physical characteristics have little or nothing to do with the real person.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Human beings are much too complex to be reduced down to lists. The entire experience of perusing long lists of profiles is extremely tiring and frustrating. The process usually begins with people emailing one another. More than a few people I have met in my therapy practice complain that the person with whom they are emailing promptly and abruptly stopped contacting them. Also, there are those who seem to want to engage in emailing and promise to make a time to meet but always put it off to another time.

Once people do agree to meet, there is the very real issue of ensuring personal safety when meeting someone who is a perfect stranger.

online dating pros and cons essay structure

That is why the usual first step after emailing is meeting in a neutral place for coffee and conversation. Many have complained to me that there is too much coffee and too few possibilities for viable relationships.

It should go without saying that this way of meeting people is artificial and forced. Human beings come to know one another through the neighborhood in which they live, places they work or houses of worship they attend.

online dating pros and cons essay structure

Others meet through community activities and causes with which they are involved. Coming together in these types of settings allows for visual contact, conversation and gradually getting to know one another.

Online dating provides for none of this.

online dating pros and cons essay structure

Even if two people are emailing through the service, they remain anonymous until they meet in person and, when they do, there is a likelihood that they will not feel a connection.

So, what are people to do? Despite its many frustrations, online dating is one resource that can, and does, work for some. There is no way to really learn about the person other than actually having the meeting. However, there is no initial face-to-face contact, and you may or may not be spending time with someone you would like to be in relationship with.

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Traditional dating allows you to interact with your date on a personal level. As you spend time with your date, you see him in a variety of different situations and circumstances.

Traditional dating can be tons of fun doing things together and knowing each other deeper in a personal way. As you date, you get to attend movies or music events, go bowling or play games.

You also can double date, getting to know two potential partners instead of just one.

online dating pros and cons essay structure

With traditional dating, you know where your date lives, which is not always the case with online dating. When you online date, you may not feel any chemistry until you meet. Seeing the issue in both states 1. Beneficial effects of online dating 2. Support or presentation of case studies B. What are the cons of online dating?

Online Dating, Pros and Cons

Disadvantages of online dating 2. Why do we counteract online dating People tend to lie online to package themselves attractively. In fact, even the online dating agencies tell you what to say or write depending on what is most sought after. But this is not the right way to start a relationship.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating for Teens Essay

Nothing builds love and trust like lying. Also, in OD people usually try to make a good impression but there is a difference between looking your best and trying to be something you are not.

Online dating also promotes infidelity. The possibility of taking the relationship seriously is low because it is easy to find a replacement online.

Wysocki found that most people who had an online affair logged on after their partner went to bed or at work. There is no need to travel or need for an alibi that is typically required if a person is involved in a typical affair.

Refuting the counter argument: Why online dating should not encourage teens.