Rapid dating and networking

'Speed Dating' Networking Events NSW

rapid dating and networking

The event will feature 'speed dating' style networking, providing an opportunity for you to meet and build connections with a number of new. Rapid Networking - Speed dating for your business - Rapid networking's sole focus is - 'Let's just get down to business'. Each business owner will ha. Eventbrite - MiSocial presents Speed Dating & Networking - Tuesday, 27 November at Sydney, Sydney, NSW. Find event and ticket.

Some people like speed networking because you get right to the point and there is no time for small talk. Make sure you have a supply of business cards ready. Sometimes event planners will suggest a number; bring at least If you are unemployed at the time, get business cards with your contact information and occupation printed on them.

Assemble brochures, resumes or other type of handout, if applicable. Bring a pen, notepad, and your appointment calendar with you.

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Usually attire is either business or business casual. Check with the organizers if it is not stated.

rapid dating and networking

Remember that you have a few seconds to make a positive first impression. During the Event First of all, have fun.

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The fast pace of this kind of event contributes to a high level of energy in the room. Usually minutes are allowed for each round; the leader will inform the group about the time frame.

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As you meet each person, shake hands and exchange names and business cards. Read each card as you accept it.

rapid dating and networking

A good system to keep the cards organized: The first person introduces themselves and their purpose, and a very brief conversation takes place. Talking too long in a situation like this is highly insensitive and damages your first impression.

Speed networking

This may include notes on how they look or what they are wearing to help you remember them. Suggest a next step, if appropriate. You will not have time to schedule a phone call or meeting, so follow up the next day will be important. Above all, respect the process. At the signal, end your conversation immediately and move, or allow the other person to move, to next person.

You can always continue conversations later. After the speed networking event, review the business cards of the individuals you met and scan or enter the information into the contact database software you may use. Send an email within hours to each person you want to follow up with. Better yet, make a phone call to continue the conversation or book a meeting or lunch to move the relationship along.

At the event, numbered stations are set up where participants meet with their assigned partners according to their list for a set period of time.

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A typical station-based speed networking event may yield 7 to 10 contacts during an hour-long event. Group-based[ edit ] In the Group-based model, participants are assigned to a sequence of tables. Each table seats a specific number of participants, depending on attendance. A typical event may call for tables of four to Table assignments are often predetermined by computer software but other techniques can be used to determine the groups each attendee participates in.

Each participant at the table takes a few minutes — the length of these introductions can also be set — to introduce him or herself. Time at the table varies based on how the event organiser coordinate the event but usually lasts five to 15 minutes. Applications[ edit ] Speed networking has many applications.

Many organizations use speed networking to structure events: Events that benefit from speed networking include: Speed networking is particularly useful "when many organisations are gathering at large events.

rapid dating and networking

You will meet with a limited number of mentees in minute time slots each. When directed, mentees will proceed to their mentor's table. This maximises the opportunity to find a suitable mentor.

Speed mentoring events can be traced back to the architectural profession. InGrace H. However, she found that many young interns, especially those new to Seattle, had a difficult time identifying potential mentors. Inafter Kim and Lee W. Developing You, an Emerging Professional and over attendees participated - representing the spectrum of interns to senior leadership.