Sonic and amy are dating

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sonic and amy are dating

You just forgot about our date!" Acknowledging his missed date, Sonic calmly tries to reason with her by swearing that his story is completely factual, but Amy. It's a subreddit for Sonic the Hedgehog. We have a few rules, so please read them before posting. Failure to comply will result in a detention. SonAmy is the romantic relationship between Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. she doesn't even mention marriage at all, and simply just a date with Sonic.

As his best friend, and practically his brother he knew almost all the quirks and habits of the blue hedgehog and was not easily fooled by whatever excuse he made. Yet he let it slide, knowing that the reason was either really stupid or really important.

sonic and amy are dating

Guess I'll see you-". Tails realizes that he's talking to an empty space, as his friend had already sped out the door. He stopped, slightly tired after his run from Tails and his place but energetic nonetheless.

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He remembers Amy telling him to go left at the tree with the rock shaped dent in it, and after about 5 minutes and carefully examining all four trees in the middle of the area, he finds the dent and decides to carve an A into it to remember it.

He dashes off, happy to finally reach the clearing in a few seconds of high speed running. He notices Amy in the middle, a picnic basket next to her.

sonic and amy are dating

He walks over, remembering Amy asking him to not run, at least not very fast, in the clearing. He sits next to her on the picnic blanket she brought out and heaves a sigh of relief. I was ambushed by Sticks and she started going on and on about Mole people. She started building some secret fort in the trees but it wasn't a huge success". Amy had begun taking the contents of the picnic out of the basket.

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I was super worried cause I didn't wanna be late to our date like I was last week-". He's cut off by Amy shoving a chili dog in his mouth. I was surprised you hadn't beat me to the clearing". He takes a bite out of the chili dog, taking the rest out of his mouth.

Amy says, pulling out the chili dogs wrapped in tinfoil. Sonic smiles at her, and stands up, finishing the last of the chili dog.

Amy Tries Setting Up A Date With Sonic

He dashes off to who knows where, and comes back with a white flower which he hands to Amy, before sitting back down. Just be careful not to layer on too much, or the hedgehog of your dreams will probably go running very fast in the other direction.

If you like it, when do you put a ring on it?

sonic and amy are dating

But for real, this one is important. Tails seems like a pretty decent wingman. What should all wingmen and wingladies keep in mind? Tails is probably the best wingman the world has ever known.

sonic and amy are dating

Beyond that title, he literally flies a plane, and nothing impresses the ladies like showing up to your date from the top of your own personal bi-plane. Shout out to you, Tails.

Does Sonic Like Amy?

Your sacrifice and determination makes this world a better place, so kudos to all the wingmen and wingladies out there. I got dumped harder than Tails accidentally dropping you into some spikes after picking you up for no reason. How can I finally get over my ex? This one will vary per person. Maybe you just have yet to meet that beautiful hedgehog who will make you realize how lucky you were to have not stuck around with your old ex.

sonic and amy are dating

Maybe time or traveling around through it will slowly patch up your heart. However, she has a scary temper and her infatuation with Sonic makes her shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since meeting him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and will not let anything stop her. Contents Concept and creation Amy's original design in Amy Rose is one of the few main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series to have her first appearance outside the Sega games.

She first appeared in the April issue of Shogaku Ninensei, written and illustrated by Sango Morimoto. She also appeared in the manga serials featured in its sister titles, Shogaku Ichinensei, Shogaku Sannensei, Shogaku Gonensei, Shogaku Rokunensei, and Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special, all of which were written and illustrated by different mangaka but based on Kenji Terada's initial concept.

Sonic Animation - SONIC AND AMY’S SUMMER DATE SONAMY!- SFM Animation

In these series, Amy no surname is given is the girlfriend of Nickya nerdy young male hedgehog with the power to transform into the superhero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy is also the target of the bully Anton Veruca.