Stefan and damon age difference in dating

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stefan and damon age difference in dating

She is also Katherine's doppelgänger. Their rivalry still flares up due to the constantly changing relationships between Elena and Damon and Elena and Stefan. The Vampire Diaries/The Originals preferences and imagines - Stefan, Damon, Kol, Klaus, Kai, Elijah, Matt, Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler Accepting Requests, Character . Stefan Salvatore is a fictional character from L. J. Smith's novel series The Vampire Diaries. He is portrayed by Paul Wesley in the television series of the same name. Born on November 1, , Stefan was turned into a vampire in , at the age of 17, by Katherine Pierce, with his brother Damon Salvatore. . I felt like I was doing something different.

Before long, of course, she learns Stefan is a vampire. Stefan loved Elena from the moment he saw her. Instead they broke up, but both found other loves and remained friends. Stefan was ready from the get-go.

Enzo survived, but was set on revenge. As an anti-hero, Enzo was fun. His later relationship with Bonnie, when they were on the run from the Armory felt more like a plot twist than a natural development.

He convinces her to live her mortal life to the fullest instead. In the aftermath of losing their parents, Jeremy coped even worse than Elena. Then Damon Salvatore blew into town, hot on the heels of Stefan. Over the course of the first season, Vicki became his victim, then became a full-fledged vampire. Stefan ended up staking her, though she returned briefly as a ghost.

The relationship encapsulated a lot of what lay ahead for Mystic Falls. Teens who are anything but clean and respectable. Lovers getting their heart ripped out - metaphorically in this case. Lovers who refuse to fade away when their life expires.

Barely a month later, lesbian vampires Nora Hildegard and Mary Louise wound up blowing themselves to kingdom come. When Mary Louise and Nora appeared in season 6, they were the first lesbian couple on the show. It was that much more intense for having lived through centuries when gay relationships were considered an abomination. Unfortunately for them, among the many ideas that first post-Elena season tossed around was Rayna, a relentless vampire slayer.

After Rayna cut Nora with her Phoenix Sword, she would have been able to track the couple down anywhere. To escape, and to save all the straight vampires, the women explode the sword and themselves. With them went Mystic Falls' entire lesbian community.

Unlike many other characters on the show, the women did not return to life. It was also one of the rare adult relationships we saw on the show, Sure, Stefan and Damon are almost bicentennial in age but they date teens. Being Mystic Falls, things soon started looking down.

There are no simple relationships in Mystic Falls. Despite all that, the couple struggled to work everything out. If this had been General Hospital, they might have had a shot at a happy ending. Instead Klaus, one of the Original vampires, needed to sacrifice another vampire in a mystic ceremony. Rather than use Caroline, he bit Jenna, turned her into a vampire, and then offered her up. So much for happy ever after. Klaus Michaelson appeared in Mystic Falls with a mission: Then he met Caroline.

To his surprise, found himself wanting more. No question, the two played off each other well. Klaus shows himself as genuinely warm and caring the more time he spends with Caroline. But Klaus is a monster. Admittedly having a significant other with blood on their hands is normal for Vampire Diaries. Despite his feelings for Caroline, Klaus is a nasty piece of work.

Klaus has a boatload of family issues, kept them locked up for decades, and never seems to forget or forgive a slight. As her evil doppelganger Katherine, she also got to have negative, unhealthy bad-girl relationships. They started in the 19th century, when she gave them her blood to drink, leading to them becoming vampires. By that point Katherine, born Katerina Petrova, had spent around years running from Klaus, who planned to use her in the ritual to free his werewolf side.

When that plan fell through, she fled, returned, sought revenge on Elena for being happier than she was, and tried manipulating the Salvatores back under her thumb. Eventually magic reverted Katherine to her true age and she perished.

She eventually rose in the afterlife to become Queen of Hell. Then in the final series episode, she plotted to destroy Mystic Falls but Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie destroyed Hell first, while she was in it.

If Vampire Diaries had an archvillain, it was definitely Katherine. Her tangled relationship with the Salvatores made it that much more fun to watch Dobrev be bad. Valerie is that weak link. Buried with Silas was the cure for immortality, in which Qetsiyah created. Silas had two choices: Out of spite, anger and vengeance towards Qetsiyah murdering Amara, Silas chose to not take the cure and ended up staying entombed in darkness and starving for over 2, years.

Because Silas refused to take the cure and die out of spite, Qetsiyah ended up creating the Other Side in order to trap Silas should he take the cure and die. Creating the Other Side would prevent Silas from finding eternal peace and being together in death with Amara on the earth's metaphysical plane, which is where human souls go after they die.

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Qetsiyah also created The Fivea group of supernatural hunters whose main goal and mission was to find Silas, cure him of his immortality and kill him, so that Silas would end up on the Other Side with Qetsiyah instead of with Amara as she wanted. After over 2, years of being entombed in darkness, Silas has risen and plans on wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. He is determined to join his true love Amara in death by getting Bonnie, who is a very distant descendant of Qetsiyahto drop the veil so that he could take the cure and die a mortal death and cross over to be with Amara.

stefan and damon age difference in dating

It was revealed after 2, years that Qetsiyah had lied to Silas about Amara and had faked her death. Qetsiyah had actually desiccated and entombed Amara and then used her as the physical anchor for the Other Side spell in which Qetsiyah had created in order to trap Silas' soul shall Silas die a mortal death.

Silas reunites with Amara after she is re-awakened, Qetsiyah having lied about her death. Amara tells Silas that she loves him and that she is sorry. She then stabs Silas in the neck in order to obtain the cure for immortality which is running through Silas' veins as she doesn't wish to live anymore.

Silas and Amara reunite once more and Amara begs Silas to kill her so that her suffering can end for good and she can find peace. Amara tells Silas that she loves him and that she will always love him but that she cannot live for another day and wants to end her suffering.

Silas tells Amara that he understands. Amara stabs herself and dies, crossing over to the metaphysical plane where humans go to after they die. Unfortunately, Silas dies before he ever had a chance to destroy the Other Side. Silas ends up crossing over to the Other Side, which means that he is separated from Amara forever.

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To make matters worse and more tragic, Qetsiyah ends up killing herself after transferring the anchor from Amara to Bonnie. Qetsiyah crosses over to the Other Side, where Silas is stuck with her for all eternity. This means that Qetsiyah got her 2, year old wish; Silas being stuck with her on the Other Side and being separated from his soulmate for all time and for all eternity.

Later on when the Other Side ended up collapsing, Silas was last seen being sucked into oblivion. When Silas made himself truly immortal, he created an imbalance in nature and nature needed a loophole, a version or versions of Silas that could die. Silas is the oldest known ancestor and relative of the Salvatore family. Silas Unnamed Sibling s: This implies that Silas did have a sibling or siblings who continued the Salvatore bloodline since it is assumed that Silas did not had any children of his own before he became immortal.

Nothing is known about his background. He is a descendant of Silas and an ancestor and relative of the Salvatore family.

He was born October 09,presumably in the United States.

stefan and damon age difference in dating

Giuseppe was a very distant descendant of Silas. He was sometimes known as Papa Salvatore. Giuseppe raised his sons on his own after his wife, Lillian, had died of consumption in the year After his wife passed away, Giuseppe seemed to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Flashbacks suggest that he was very abusive towards Lillian and Damon in particular. Giuseppe was seen to be a very controlling, authoritative, stern father. From the flashbacks, Giuseppe has very different relationships with both of his sons.

He openly expresses extreme disappointment in his eldest son, Damon and as a result, he shared a very tension-filled and strained relationship with him. Flashbacks also show that Giuseppe was extremely abusive physically and emotionally towards Damon and that Giuseppe and Damon have had a very volatile relationship since Damon's childhood.

Lillian had openly admitted in a conversation with Damon that Giuseppe would physically abuse and beat Damon repeatedly especially when Damon would act obnoxious and unruly. However, from what flashbacks show, Giuseppe had a closer relationship with his youngest son, Stefan.

Giuseppe probably showed Stefan favoritism because he felt that Stefan was a more upstanding, responsible, ambitious, and dutiful son than Damon was. There is no flashback to suggest that Giuseppe was abusive towards Stefan in the same manner that he was towards Damon and Lillian, however, it is strongly assumed that Giuseppe was a very strict and over protective father towards Stefan. Giuseppe uncovered vampires in Mystic Fallsalong with the other founding families in the town, including the Lockwoods, the Gilberts and the Forbes.

He hated vampires with an undying passion, and was a member of the Founder's Council, which was started as a main purpose to kill all the vampires within Mystic Falls. After witnessing his sons helping Katherine escape, he shoots them and is visited by Stefan, who was in the middle of vampiric transition, that evening. After being injured after Stefan defends himself from Giuseppe coming to attack him and kill him with a stake, Stefan is unable to control his blood lust as a new born vampire and he feeds on his blood although Giuseppe died from being mortally wounded and a loss of bloodas shown in Blood Brothers.

It was revealed in Season Three that Giuseppe had another child, a son who is unnamed, by his secret lover, who is said to be a maid, possibly of the Salvatore Estate. Lillian was Giuseppe's wife and the mother of Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

She was born February 27,presumably in the United States.

Not much is known about her, her background or her family, but according to Stefan's Diaries, Stefan said that she is of French-American descent. She died in when Stefan was eleven years old and when Damon was seventeen years old. She is buried alongside Giuseppe in Mystic Falls, Virginia. According to Damon, she died of consumption, which is another term for tuberculosis.

However, in season six, it was discovered and revealed that Lillian is still in fact "alive" and she is trapped in a Prison World, similar to the Prison World that Kai Parker had been trapped in since It was revealed that Lily is actually a vampire and had faked her death inabandoning her family and her sons.

After Lily was turned into a vampire, she fled to Europe, became a blood addict and became a Ripper, slaughtering over 3, innocent humans in the most gruesome ways. Lily was eventually caught and discovered by the Gemini Coven in and they had trapped her in a Prison World as a punishment for her crimes of killing many innocent humans over the years.

It seems as though Lily's youngest son Stefan takes after her in terms of personality and temperament, as it seems as though both Lily and Stefan went from being kind, gentle humans to immoral, blood thirsty killers when they turned into vampires.

She is currently still residing and stuck in the Prison World, although Damon has made plans to set her free from the prison world. Lily has now been freed from the Prison World after Damon, Elena and Bonnie rescue her in hopes that Lily can help with Stefan regaining his humanity. Lillian ends up turning Stefan's humanity back on as she is proven to be his emotional trigger.

However, Lillian has shown that she has emotionally abandoned her sons and has replaced them with her new family, the Heretics. Although Lily originally chose Julian, her lover, and her Heretic family over her sons, she eventually comes to show that she truly does love and care about Damon and Stefan. Lily ends up choosing both her sons and her Heretic family when she sacrifices herself by staking herself and dying after Julian forces her to choose between her sons and her Heretic family.

Damon is the oldest child of Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore. He is the older brother of Stefan. Damon is a very distant descendant of the world's first immortal man, Silas. He was born on June 18, in Mystic Falls, Virginia.

stefan and damon age difference in dating

During his human years, Damon was seen and described to be rebellious, carefree, emotional, independent, troubled, insecure, misunderstood, principled, impulsive, competitive, and irresponsible and seemed to lack a general sense of direction. People of the town of Mystic Falls even described Damon to be irresponsible and cowardly, including his own father Giuseppe.

The reason for this is because Damon rebelled against the town's and his own father's wish, by leaving the Confederacy on his own terms during the time of the Civil War. However, the reasons for Damon leaving the Confederacy is unknown.

In his human years, when it came to love, Damon was always seen to be the chaser and the pursuer, the opposite of Stefan, who appeared to be harder to get and challenging with women, especially in regards to Katherine.

Damon during his human years, also displayed womanizing tendencies with the opposite sex. Damon and his father, Giuseppe, never got along or had a good, close relationship and Giuseppe frequently expressed extreme disappointment and resentment in the elder Salvatore.