Tom bridegroom and shane bitney crone dating

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tom bridegroom and shane bitney crone dating

from early last year, in which Shane Bitney Crone detailed the beautiful relationship he had with longterm partner Tom Bridegroom before his documentary film project in the history of crowd-funding to date). After being. Rayvon Owen (right) kisses boyfriend Shane Bitney Crone in the film Bridegroom which tells the love story of Crone and Tom Bridegroom. And I was like, 'I came with my boyfriend Shane,' and she's like, 'Where is he? which documented the unexpected death of his partner Tom Bridegroom. “And after us kind of dating for a couple weeks I was like, 'Well.

That YouTube clip inspired director Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Designing Womenone of over four million people who viewed the short film. She connected with Bitney Crone to make a feature-length documentary. Well, I mean, the response from the YouTube video was incredible. So, for me, just knowing that the YouTube video had that effect, I was hopeful that when the director Linda Bloodworth Thomason contacted me that the film would have the same effect—but hopefully on a much larger scale.

Why did you start documenting your life in the first place? My mom got me a video camera when I was in junior high.

tom bridegroom and shane bitney crone dating

For me, I felt alone growing up, and filming a video diary just kind of became an outlet for me, and it was something that provided comfort, but I never imagined that I would share them with anyone. Did you have any reservations in making Bridegroom? But at the end of the day, I just had to trust my instincts. Now knowing the response and how it was connecting with people, with the YouTube video, I just felt like this is what I had to do.

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Now you say that you were nervous about their reaction to Bridegroom. Have you heard anything from them? I was really hoping that they would participate in the documentary and that they would see the bigger picture and see it as a way to honor their son, and unfortunately, they just never responded.

Do you hope to speak with them again or to ever have a relationship with his mother again? I felt like she was the perfect person to tell the story and I was just so grateful that she wanted to. Linda drew on a lot of material including interviews, photographs, excerpts from your video log, home movies, text messages, and a call to create a surprisingly well-rounded view of your life together.

How did the two of you collaborate on that? She asked me to give her everything — all the videos and photos — and I gave her everything. I think she was overwhelmed and surprised that I had so much footage. I felt like it was important for her to have everything so she could tell the story in the way that she wanted to.

So, to think I have all of this, I am so lucky. And the cool thing with her, too, was she let me be in the edit bay every day and she wanted me to be there. And so, for me, that was incredible that it really was a collaborative effort. I gave her space, but overall I felt like we made it together. Of course, with marriage, the symbol of marriage means a lot. One of the main reasons we wanted to get married was to commit our lives together, but there are so many protections that come along with marriage.

Had we been married, I would have been able to be by his side. I would have been able to be at his funeral.

And I would have been able to say goodbye. Even just things like them deleting his Facebook page. It broke my heart. In our society and our generation, Facebook is so important and everyone shared all these stories about him.

How do you hope this film will raise awareness and inspire people as well as encourage those with negative or pessimistic views to rethink their attitude?

But I have to say that I never really understood that gay people are able to love each other just as much as any man and woman.

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I hope that it helps parents understand their children better and to love them unconditionally. And with teenagers struggling with their identity, I hope that it helps them embrace who they are. How does that make you feel to know that people like that are involved in supporting it and helping it reach a global audience?

Even just making the film and finishing it was a success for us. That was a huge accomplishment. And then, to have the former President of the United States want to introduce it at Tribeca, it was incredible, and I was so grateful, and then, to have Oprah Winfrey now supporting it.

tom bridegroom and shane bitney crone dating

Can you talk about how the film has transformed you into an activist and how you feel about that? That was the one thing.

Shane Bitney Crone: My connection with Tom – his spirit and soul – can’t be buried

The idea of being an activist scared me to death. We all have a voice, and just by speaking up and standing up for what you believe in and just sharing even your story, you help a lot of people. What do you think Tom would think if he could see what has happened? I think that Tom would be proud of me for standing up for myself, and I think that he would be proud of the film. I just hope that they can see that their son is helping a lot of people.