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valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

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Biomechanical and morphological data were used to make predictions of fundamental frequency and subglottal pressure ranges. Such predictions agreed well with measurements from natural phonation and phonation of excised larynges, respectively.

We assume that fat shapes Panthera vocal folds into an advantageous geometry for phonation and it protects vocal folds. Its primary function is probably not to increase vocal fold mass as suggested previously.

The large square-shaped Panthera vocal fold eases phonation onset and thereby extends the dynamic range of the voice.

valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Samantha Warhurst Full Text Available Acoustic and perceptual studies show a number of differences between the voices of radio performers and controls. Despite this, the vocal fold kinematics underlying these differences are largely unknown.

valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

Using high-speed videoendoscopy, this study sought to determine whether the vocal vibration features of radio performers differed from those of non-performing controls. Videos were extracted and analysed semi-automatically using High-Speed Video Program, obtaining measures of fundamental frequency f0, open quotient and speed quotient.

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Pearson's correlations were calculated between SPL and both speed and open quotients. No significant differences were found for f0 or open quotient. No significant correlation was found between either open or speed quotient with SPL. A higher speed quotient in male radio performers suggests that their vocal fold vibration was characterised by a higher ratio of glottal opening to closing times than controls.

This result may explain findings of better voice quality, higher equivalent sound level and greater spectral tilt seen in previous research.

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Being raised a Quaker instilled values in her that she carried throughout her life. Celia's values also instilled in her the confidence to follow her dreams, regardless of whether they were conventional paths for women.

Environmentalist and conservationist are two words that are now strongly associated with Hunter, however when she first came to Alaskashe did not consider herself a conservationist or environmentalist. She successfully completed each upgrading until she was qualified to fly the most sophisticated fighter planes in the US military. The US Ferrying Division ruled that women should not be allowed to ferry military fighter planes any farther north than Great Falls, Montana.

Two years later, Hunter and her good friend and fellow WASP, Ginny Hill Wood, decided that they would get to Fairbanks on their own, just to see what their male colleagues had been talking about.

They made a deal with an Alaskan pilot who was in Seattle to fly two of his planes to Fairbanks.

valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

It took 27 days to fly from Seattle to Fairbanks, even though the total flying time added up to only 30 hours. Wood's plane had unairworthy fabric and no heat - the women nicknamed it "Li'l Igloo. Finding themselves stranded, Hunter and Wood secured jobs in a start-up travel agency. Hunter served as a flight attendant on the first-ever tourist trips to Kotzebue and Nome and planned the first sightseeing tours of Fairbanks. After a semester in SwedenHunter and Wood spent ten months bicycling through war-torn Europe and eventually hitchhiked on tankers back to the United States, where they returned to Alaska.

Camp Denali Hunter and Wood, together with Wood's husband, decided to start Camp Denali, which was planned to be similar to the hut systems in Europe, with simple accommodations coupled with outdoor activities.

The threesome staked out a Trade and Manufacturing Site claim under the Homestead Act along the then-western boundary of Denali National Parkwith a magnificent view of Mount McKinleyand opened for business in Their management philosophy was simple, "to create a setting in which our guests, staff, and even casual visitors would be aware of the wonders of the natural world that surrounded us. As their business grew, so did their deep respect and love for the natural world and they found themselves increasingly involved in Alaska's issues.

valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

When Celia and Ginny first arrived in Alaska, it was a Territory with approximatelypeople. Alaskans assumed it would always be like this, and they resisted strenuously the setting aside of particular lands to protect them. Mardy and Olaus, a naturalist and wildlife biologist well known for his work in Alaska, dreamed of protecting a large area of the Arctic that extended from the Arctic Ocean, across the Brooks Range, and down into the boreal forest on the opposite side.

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After their trip, Olaus proposed the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Range to protect an ecosystem large enough to support the great Porcupine River caribou herd and other large populations of wildlife. Celia met the Muries on one of their trips through Fairbanks. Olaus went home and drew lines on the map and we started fighting for setting aside the area," said Celia.

Soon the group of staunch supporters realized that protecting the Arctic Range was going to be harder than expected. Setting aside the Range was virtually impossible to do through Congress, because the congressional delegation of Alaska was adamantly opposed to any withdrawals of land for conservation purposes. Celia and others began fighting for the Range unofficially until they decided they would need to form an organization in order to be most effective.

Unfortunately, support for the ANWR came primarily from congressional delegates and other conservationists outside of Alaska, and there was nothing that got the Alaskan delegation more riled up than a bunch of outsiders coming in and telling Alaska how to manage its resources.

Celia remarked, "OK, if you don't want to listen to people from Outside, you better listen to us. Despite strong opposition from Alaska's senators and lone congressman, a presidential proclamation by President Dwight D. Following this success, ACS continued to serve as a vehicle through which Alaskans could be heard on conservation issues. Celia acted as the executive secretary of ACS for the next 12 years.

Death and afterward Celia died on December 1, at age She had been up late that night writing letters to Congressmen in support of protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling. Her life spanned an important part of Alaska's history. Celia was a cornerstone of the conservation movement in Alaska, opening minds and halting disasters with unwavering strength and persistence.

valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating paula

Celia's list of accomplishments and her lasting legacy are affirmations that she was an effective leader for over 50 years. Celia was quoted that you just have to keep a fire in your stomach and you just go for it, and when you do, you can make a tremendous difference. Her leadership style included: Although Celia graduated high school inserved in the Women Air Force inshe earned her Bachelor of Arts in Botany in with a minor in Economics and Anthropology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Awards In Celia Hunter was conferred the highest award by the Sierra ClubThe John Muir Awardfor a lifetime of dedicated conservation work, a distinguished record of achievement in national or international conservation causes. InCelia Hunter was presented the highest award by the Wilderness SocietyThe Robert Marshall Award, for her long-term service to and notable influence upon conservation and the fostering of an American land ethic. Hunter, that educates interested, young people for an environmental career.

Conservation legacy Soon after its formation, ACS found itself opposing two other major battles: Rampart Dam and Project Chariot.

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The first battle was over the proposal to build a dam on the Yukon River at a location known as The Ramparts. Also, the lake would have submerged numerous small villages and individual cabins in the area, inundated millions of acres of rich waterfowl and wildlife habitat, and displaced large numbers of mammal populations. Celia, Ginny and others involved with ACS worked hard to expose the shortcomings of the proposal.

Rampart Dam would have theoretically produced vast quantities of electrical power and involved the construction of a large aluminum processing complex in Southcentral Alaska to take advantage of the cheap power. Debates took place in Fairbanks and were largely attended by the public.