Vixx leo shyness and dating

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] CeCi September Edition - Music - ST☆RLIGHT CARAT

vixx leo shyness and dating

Pictures of Leo being close with a lady during backstage of his musical Monte Cristo recently spread online. The woman in the pictures has. Dating Taekwoon would Include • N to the O when it come to PDA • if it make sure you don't get bumped into or lost • A wild blushing Leo Unless it clearly makes you uncomfortable bc he's a sweetheart; Shy ' I love you'; Secret giggles Dating Leo would include Taekwoon Leo VIXX vixx scenarios. A few days ago, several photos including VIXX's Leo and a woman leo, leo hompage master, leo fan, leo fan date, leo private relationship.

Ken would fetch you with his car and would make you laugh non-stop at his funny gags and jokes. He would want to make you feel comfortable and he would bring you to places you like so that you can enjoy the date. He would bring you to a nice Korean restaurant to have big feast before driving you back.

The ride home will be long but you both would have a wonderful chit-chat over the radio and there will be times where he would sing casually along. First date with Ravi would be certainly enjoyable as he is a mood maker and knows how to keep you entertained, for example; by doing a freestyle rap about you when he noticed that the atmosphere is getting quiet.

This definitely gives you an mental check that Ravi is really observant and makes sure his date would not feel awkward at any times. However due to his extra efforts in trying to have a successful first date, you probably feel that he would be the one dominating the date by deciding where to go or what to do during the date.

Nevertheless, Ravi is still that sweet guy who will send you home and surprise you with a quick peck on your lips before bidding goodbye. But fret not, this awkward situation is short-lived as he would start to feel relaxed and initiate a conversation to know more about you. Hong Bin would definitely be fun to be with as he would be willing to try new activities with you in order to create a memorable first date. Do you have something that you must have, the thing that you are obsessed with?

How often do you change the playlist?

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I just added new good songs to the existing one. There are lots of songs that will surprise you while you listened to it. We heard that you have revealed your self-composed song at the VIXX solo concert. From the start, I wrote the song while thinking that it will be good to sing this with Ken one day.

vixx leo shyness and dating

I wrote the lyrics by referring to movies or books and imagined the story-line in my head. What is your feeling after you revealed your own song to the world?

First of all, it was a relief.

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It was a present for the fans to hear during the first concert. In order to repay all the loves, I worked hard to stand on the stage, but still, I always think that I received much more than I gave. You must be very proud that you just ended the first concert well. Did your family come?

[★TRENDING] VIXX Leo Rumored To Be Dating A Fan

Every time VIXX had showcases or big events, my parents and sisters always came. My second sister always crying, but this time, she was so indifferent. As expected, the musical that ended on June was a great sense of accomplishment as much as the first solo concert. The developed or grown Leo.

vixx leo shyness and dating

Especially with the surrounding people, I learnt the ways to communicate with them. The experiences about the things related to stage are wider, and I was able to meet with lots of good people.

Do you want to challenge musical again in the future? Because it makes me so happy. We heard you just arrived in Korea just a few days ago. Soon we are going to America and Brazil. When you go overseas, do have time to go for a vacation?

VIXX : LEO overload SHY ...!!

Although there was no time for vacation, sometimes when we moved from one country to others, there will be some time left. During those times, we did some shopping and walked around too, but when there are events waiting immediately, all the members will concentrate on preparing for the events. I like to go to a quiet place for vacation. Instead of going to a vacation with friends to play together, I prefer a vacation where I can rest. So how do you release your stress?

I watch movies, read books, and listen to music. Especially when I make songs, it gave me strength. Do you go to shopping often? I look at the magazines a lot too.

vixx leo shyness and dating

Do you have a special style that you like? You keep doing things without any rest, it must be hard, right?