Weeds silas and megan pregnant dating

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weeds silas and megan pregnant dating

Weeds (TV Series) Quotes. Silas Botwin: Why do you have a home pregnancy test? Nancy Botwin: [about Megan being pregnant] How did this happen?. Mary-Louis Parker as Nancy Botwin and Justin Chatwin as Josh Wilson drug lord; Bought Silas a car to comfort him after his girlfriend's abortion Admitted to Esteban that she was pregnant with his child; Shipped Shane off. Silas looks more excited than Megan about this pregnancy. can't even start a conversation with her own son who got his girlfriend pregnant.

Nancy tells Peter, and he has them all arrested. Nancy and Conrad's drug business does well as Conrad's strain of plant which Snoop Dogg dubs " MILFweed " during a chance meeting at a recording studio is popular with customers, but their high profile causes trouble.

Weeds Sneak Peeks: Silas Strips and Somebody’s Pregnant

Nancy and Conrad get intimate. Initially, Nancy's marriage to a DEA agent keeps her on top while her Armenian rivals were busted, but her marriage to Peter deteriorates after she tips off Heylia when the DEA plans to raid her house and Peter pressures her to quit dealing.

For Nancy, the final straw is when Peter comes over for dinner and manhandles Silas. Nancy calls Conrad and tells him that she doesn't love Peter but will string him along until the current harvest is done; Peter hears the conversation with wireless surveillance.

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Meanwhile, Doug and Celia plan to leave their spouses. Celia tells Dean, but Doug refuses to leave his wife, Dana, stating that "she's a sweetheart" and their affair ends. Dean kicks Celia out of the house and demands a divorce. The season concludes with a complex series of betrayals, as Peter demands from Nancy and Conrad all of the cash from a quick sale of their crop. Heylia hires Armenian mobsters to kill Peter, as she believes Peter is planning to kill Conrad after the deal.

Nancy's buyer, U-Turn demands the entire crop at gunpoint. The Armenian mobsters arrive at the same time, kill Peter, and expect the proceeds from the big sale to pay for their hit. When they realize that U-Turn plans to steal the weed, they decide to take the weed instead.

weeds silas and megan pregnant dating

Only then does Nancy discover that Silas has stolen the entire batch and will hold it until his mother allows him to join her business. Minutes after hiding the batch in his car trunk, he is approached by Celia and a police officer for the theft of the drug-free zone signs and surveillance cameras, because Celia has footage of Silas stealing the last camera.

Weeds Sneak Peeks: Silas Strips and Somebody's Pregnant

This leaves Nancy at the grow house, in a Mexican standoff with both the gangsters and the mobsters pointing guns at her in a season-ending cliffhanger. He announces to Nancy that he's aware of her business and asks to work for her, but she refuses. After a huge family fight, he takes off, stealing all of Nancy's pot from her grow house, putting Nancy and Conrad in a life threatening situation.

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He calls Nancy in an attempt to blackmail her into letting him deal for her, but Celia shows up with a police officer to have him arrested for stealing the cameras. Season 3 Edit Silas is arrested and sentenced to community service for stealing the signs and cameras Celia put up.

weeds silas and megan pregnant dating

While serving his sentence he realizes that he could use it as a front to sell pot for Nancy, who hasn't been able to sell anything since Peter's partner began following her. He begins bringing in enough money for Nancy to be able to keep paying Uturn.

weeds silas and megan pregnant dating

When he's assigned to serve community service at a retirement home, he meets Tara, a fundamentalist and pothead who is saving herself for marriage. Soon after, Silas and Tara convince Nancy to allow Tara to sell for her, but Nancy then forbids Silas to sell anymore, instead of bringing him to Conrad to learn how to grow.

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Silas excels at growing, which worries Nancy. When the fire begins to engulf Agrestic, Silas realizes that Tara is a bit too religious for him after she goes into the burning grow house with other fundamentalists to retrieve their cross. At the end of the season, he flees Agrestic with the rest of his family and heads to Ren Mar.