Yesterday today and tomorrow lyrics vicky beeching dating

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yesterday today and tomorrow lyrics vicky beeching dating

Vicky Beeching - Yesterday, Today & Forever Worship" and the gentle " Captivated" with its piano intro and beautifully descriptive lyrics. but may or may not reflect the views of the individuals concerned at a later date. Check out Yesterday, Today And Forever by Vicky Beeching on Amazon Music. Original Release Date: January 1, ; Release Date: December 27, ; Label: . Vicky Beeching's lyrics are theoligically sound, scripturally rich, and. Victoria Louise "Vicky" Beeching (born 17 July ) is an English musician and religious commentator. She is best known for her work in the American.

The world will finally hear the music that has been gracing the ears of England since And it's high time. But first, the back-story' At age seven, Vicky began playing the piano, and her natural gifts as a composer began to emerge.

Captivated by seemingly unlimited piano sounds, young Vicky played as far into the night as her parents would allow. Often, to stall for more time at the piano, she'd ask her mom to tell her about Jesus, although she'd heard the story many times.

Yesterday, Today and Forever

Sometimes it worked; sometimes it didn't, but along the way, His story began to fine-tune Vicky's heart. She marked November 3, on her piano book'the date of her first piano lesson, and the day of her salvation. By age 11, this classically trained pianist had composed her first song, but wanting more freedom of expression, Vicky taught herself how to play guitar.

yesterday today and tomorrow lyrics vicky beeching dating

As her relationship with God deepened, alone in her room with the guitar, songs of devotion and praise poured out. Then one Sunday morning, her mom was sick and couldn't lead worship at church as was customary, so young Vicky was given the charge'yet another providential opportunity.

Barely into her teen years, Vicky became a regular worship leader for her church youth group and at local events.

Yesterday, Today and Forever by Vicky Beeching

Then while at the Soul Survivor conference, she was encouraged to submit a song for what would be called The People's Album. Another marker on the journey's path. InVicky set out for Oxford University, to pursue a theology degree that would support the calling she felt for worship ministry. It was a challenging four years during which she continued to sharpen her songwriting skills.

When graduation rolled around, God strengthened Vicky's calling: It was the reality.

yesterday today and tomorrow lyrics vicky beeching dating

So many of my contemporaries were signing up for the dream, moving off to London to make their fortunes'. But not for her. May all other goals bow down to this journey of loving you more' 'I recognized it immediately as a reflection of my mission,' Vicky says, 'what I knew God had called me to do. And the song just confirmed that, above all, whatever is going on in life, the central focus of my life is to pursue God.

Her songwriting skills and understanding of music theory sharpened with the influence of Brian Doerksen 'Come Now Is the Time to Worship'. I'm overseeing worship for them, helping them put together training and a position paper on what their theological approach to worship is, deciding who comes to lead worship and what guidance we give them in selecting songs.

So that keeps me quite busy, in addition to all the touring and the writing. She commented, "Turning 30 is always an interesting time. I kind of feel a bit old, but then having crossed into my 30s I now feel ready to change things. My 20s was more God changing me, rubbing off all my rough edges and showing me what this thing's all about, and now in my 30s hopefully I can give something back, having something worth saying. Vicky told Families First magazine, "Worship leaders are the theologians of our day.

Kids aren't reading Tozer, Lewis or the Church Fathers. They are getting out their iPods and listening to music. Lyrics have to convey the theology of who God is. But now she has moved to another big American Christian music label, Integrity! She spoke about the move: Sparrow were downsizing, they lost a lot of staff; there were a few artists they said they couldn't continue to go on with in the States.

There were a bunch of us who just got left with the option, if we wanted it, of moving onto someone else. I didn't dislike Sparrow, but for my kind of music it didn't feel like a great fit. They really want radio and CCM, and the worship elements of it are actually handled by SixStepsRecords, not Sparrow, and I didn't really know that back in the day when I signed. Sparrow don't have any people who you'd know of who are worship leaders as we would understand it.

yesterday today and tomorrow lyrics vicky beeching dating

I had a chat with Integrity, and they only produce corporate worship music, so I knew that it would be very easy for me to write congregational songs and I wouldn't get pushed to try to make them into radio singles or performance songs.

So really I couldn't base decisions on labels, because Kingsway UK is fantastic, and Integrity UK is fantastic, so choosing between those two would be pretty much impossible. It was really just about in the States what it was like for me, and what expectations were on me in terms of my writing; with Sparrow, I brought along to the table what was corporate worship, and they'd usually try to pair me up with a radio writer, who would say the song was too simple and boring and repetitive - too long, you know.

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With Integrity over there, that's exactly what they want, songs for the Church, so it was actually the American side that really made the decision for me. Vicky told Christian Marketplace magazine, "Of the three songs probably my favourite is called 'Deliverer' which is a song about the freedom that God brings in worship.

I'm really passionate about that environment. It's so much more than singing, it's actually the Kingdom of God breaking in at that moment and anything could happen. Commented Vicky, "I think I was just so ready by the time we made it to make something I was actually pleased with. I got more into electric guitar and band stuff, and I hope the lyrics are challenging in terms of pushing people to a new place - whether it's asking for deliverance or healing, or the words in 'Break Our Hearts' where it talks about needing to actually live out the things we sing.

I hope it's not just an easy listen. Vicky spoke about the song. I think we can see it as just us singing into the air. Or maybe warming ourselves up to hear the preaching.

Vicky Beeching

But that Scripture about God inhabiting the praises of his people for me is a reminder that he is fully present as all three people of the trinity, there to do his work and let his Kingdom come in. So the song is a prayer that he would inhabit our praise, that we would be expectant that anything could happen in that context. We almost put it first, because it sets the tone for what we're trying to achieve. I actually use that a lot when I open sets.