Masaeanela and chuggaaconroy dating site

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masaeanela and chuggaaconroy dating site

Nov 17, .. your guests but have been wondering why you and Masae are hangingout so much? are you dating?. @chuggaaconroy @MasaeAnela Hope you guys go to a roma- Oh Wait. . @ chuggaaconroy @MasaeAnela Chugga saying happy birthday to masae?. Video Skip to It also seems like mark recognizes chugga.

Uprising LP, many viewers compared Chugga to Pit, another cheerful Keet who can be a Cloudcuckoolander at times and loves puns. It helps that Palutena and Viridi's snarky comments are comparable to Jon's. Episode Tent of his second EarthBound LP was compared by many to Vinesauce Vinny's corruption streams, as both involve a man spending an extended period of time messing with a video game's code in hopes of achieving hilariously bizarre results.

The main difference though is that while Vinny affects the games he corrupts using third-party software and eventually started simply showing off corruptions sent in by fans to cut down on tediumEmile does so using an in-game glitch. He acknowledged this error when they re-appear in Super Mario 64 DS. A very minor example, but in Splatoon, he fails to pick up that Spyke is British, instead giving him an Australian accent.

In his playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Maskhe calls Wallmasters Floormasters and vice versa. This is probably due to The Wind Waker having only Floormasters and that they act similarly to Wallmasters in that game. Partners in Timehe claims that if the player loses to Shrowserthey have to go all the way back to fighting Princess Shroob.

However, one can clearly see a save album in the room before the fight with Shrowser begins, meaning that as long as a player saves before the boss fight, the only consequence to losing will be rewatching the cutscene that leads to the fight against Shrowser. Granted, Emile did own up to this and acknowledged his mistake the following video.

Loved by the creator: Chugga loved her and kept insisting she was a good choice. Battle and against the final Miror B. Put into big scenes for no reason: Chugga kept using her in major boss fights in an attempt to make her useful, even though every fight was one big Epic Fail for Trifecta after another. Talked up by other characters: Chugga himself constantly shills her, and blames most of her failures on bad luck rather than poor tactical choices or her low defensive stats.

Voltaire paralyzing Swellow earlier had activated its Guts ability. Chugga hasn't named any Pikmin Steve in his Pikmin 2 LP, and heavily implies that he is tired of all the fan attention the throwaway gag got. Though he indirectly made jokes about him during the LP, even in the finale.

This trope is officially Zig Zagged. Chugga now acknowledges Steve exists, but he has a spirited reaction when someone other than himself usually ProtonJon brings it up. Steve the red Leaf Pikmin for being a trooper once had a Facebook page.

masaeanela and chuggaaconroy dating site

In the finale of Pikmin 2, after going the entire game trying to mention him as little as possible, he gives in and lets him have the honor of carrying the lightweight and final treasure in the game. Slavinator his Zigzagoon HM Slave is the fan favorite of his Emerald team for similar reasons as Steve, but not to the same extent. Fans must've learned how Chugga takes things like that. Part of the reason for her nickname was to acknowledge how popular she was.

masaeanela and chuggaaconroy dating site

Marshall the Quagsire, for the spectacular last battle against Evice. Roary and Darmani his Arcanine and Donphan in Crystal considering how difficult it was for him to capture them.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D) - Part 38: "TEAMWORK!"

Along with Methane, his shiny Weezing. New Leaf gives us all of his villagers aside from Pango and Croque. Stinky and Pietro, a masked wrestler cat and a clown sheep with rainbow wool respectively stood out the most alongside Molly, a friendly duck.

And that's just on the White end; the Black team has the trainer Whitlea, who's only really showcased for version differences, GoldenPant the Scrafty due to her nicknameand: When he talks about the "theme" of Majora's Mask along the lines of Link getting progressively less small and scared. It's not a bad idea, but it's largely Wild Mass Guessing since there's no real evidence of this, taking a lot of the meaningfulness and emotion out of it since it's really just Chugga's made up theory.

It's not helped by the fact that part of the theory relied on Link's personal feelings, none of which are ever displayed and doesn't really contribute much to the game. Unlike many of his other well-researched info about the games he Let's Plays, there doesn't seem to be any Word of God anywhere supporting this, and yet Chugga still passes it off as fact.

Chuggaaconroy's take on what each of Yami's forms symbolize doesn't seem to have any factual basis. It's actually become a Berserk Button in the Okami fandom due to so many people accepting it as canon.

Some of his fans think he and female LPer Masae Anela would be adorable together. They even call her a female version of him. The commenters went crazy. Chugga visited her town in his Animal Crossing: The commenters went crazy It even got to the point that when Chugga said he had a very special announcement which turned out to be that Amelia was living in Masae's townmany people thought it was gonna be that they were together.

His team in Pokemon Emerald so far already have a page on Facebook for his Lombre and at least two pages for his Zigzagoon, Slavinator.

Two seconds later, he bumped into a guy mourning his Onix.

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He lampshades his horrible timing. His Super Mario Sunshine LP can be painful to watch if you know that he was suffering a Creator Breakdown at the time and was trying to hide it.

After the the onset of Cosby's ongoing rape scandal and subsequent court case, those impressions have become really tough to swallow. His cat with the same name passed away in February of Chugga's "I wash my hands 20 times a day and I never get sick!

There's a generic Fetch Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles in which he's tasked with collecting materials for a man to make shoes for his son.

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Are chuggaaconroy and masaeanela dating

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masaeanela and chuggaaconroy dating site

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