6 word memoirs describing yourself on a dating

Describe Your Life in Six Words |

6 word memoirs describing yourself on a dating

Explore Stephanie Weaver's board "six word memoir" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Thinking about you, Thoughts and Truths. Sure your life story could fill a thousand pages - but sometimes a few words are all you Reader Antonee Boykin's six-word memoir. your-life-in-six-words This describes a theme in my WIP Unique Words, Unusual Words, Rare Words, .. something to keep telling myself during the first few days and weeks of college.: 6. How to Write a Six-Word Memoir That's Worth a Thousand Words. Tweet If I could change one thing about myself Describe your family or your friends.

Just take this first step as just an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better and write down who you are. You basically want to barf out everything you think about yourself, and sort it out later. If I could change one thing about myself… I would be so happy if… I would just like to thank… You can also try finding ideas by taking these prompts and writing about them, stream-of-consciousness style, for one minute timed!

Write a rough timeline of your life. Describe what you look like and what stands out in your appearance. How has your look changed over time?

Describe your family or your friends. What is your typical day like? The point is to expand how you think about yourself — to fill your mental palette with all the colors you can find inside yourself.

How to Write a Six-Word Memoir That’s Worth a Thousand Words - GOLD Comedy

Find common threads and representative anecdotes. Look over your brainstorming. Does anything jump out at you? Are there any themes that get repeated throughout, or any moments that really encapsulate your persona? Where can you find pieces of who you are that make you laugh?

Mark these, and think back to them as you start to draft your memoir. This will help you get your introspective juices flowing so that your personality is really at the heart of what you have to say. Now, set a timer for 10 minutes and write as many six-word memoirs as you can, using the elements of who you are identified in the steps above.

Just do a ton of them.

Six Words Gets to The Point - Six-Word Memoirs

And then one more. Many six-word memoirs read like awkward haikus, with missing words sort of glaring out at you between the lines. We take issues, triumphs, emotions, stories, and channel them into powerful works of art.

That every moment is a spiritual moment…and we are here on earth to love and find joy. The older I get, the less I know. I just try to find grace in the ambiguity and to love fiercely and enormously. Mistakes are OK, but mediocrity isn't. Failure to innovate is a death sentence. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. If didn't get what you wanted, that's because you didn't want it bad enough.

How to Write a Six-Word Memoir That’s Worth a Thousand Words

Life's too short to do work you hate and art can teach a soul how to sing. You vote with your money.

Six Tips for Writing Six-Word Memoirs

Who what companies do you make rich? We were put on this earth to enjoy life, so do what ever makes you happy. Every single person in this universe has the right to be loved. That you can do absolutely anything you want to…as long as YOU believe that to be true. When a woman taps into her pleasure, passion and feminine power she can move mountains and make miracles.

It could be they went someone where cool, met someone cool, or did something cool. And I want to hear it. I will even buy the drinks as compensation too. In response to a cause they're really passionate about: Domestic violence and helping kids.

6 word memoirs describing yourself on a dating

I contribute to St. Judes because I know someone who was treated for free from there. I also donate goods to the local domestic violence shelters. Clean water for 3rd world countries. Creating a safe, accepting and compassionate world for LGBT youth. It's hard to choose one — some of my top ones are organic local farming, microfinance for entrepreneurs in China, education for women, and the protection of animals. Bringing art to the world. Animal cruelty and domestic violence.

In any and all forms, for absolutely everybody. Regardless of age, gender, or color. Helping young women with self-esteem issues. Teaching the arts to young kids. I loved art class growing up and even got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. But with schools facing budget cuts, the arts are the first things to go. There's a local charity I love called All the Kings Men and it's for former drug addicts. They are fighting like hell and I have so much respect for that. I majored in art in college because I wanted to be a cartoonist.

I wanted to draw manga Japanese comic booksand I've had this idea since I was in high school. Thanks to shitty professors who didn't believe in what I was doing and a prolonged creative dry spell, I never did it.

Run Big Sur marathon. Tour the world singing jazz. Have a month-long sabbatical in Thailand. Make over 6 figures. Get my PhD, probably in something like neuropsychology. Yes, I'm a super nerd. No, I'm not ashamed to say it. It will happen one day. You know, once I pay off the loans from my master's degree.

Writing well, finish writing a book and publishing it. Be able to financially support my mother. She was never a mother to me but it isn't because she didn't want to be. Her soul is ultimately kind and I want nothing more than to be able to give her a home but most importantly, the peace she's never been able to give herself.

6 word memoirs describing yourself on a dating

Wow that was intense. I'm not a fan of phony small talk. I was 50 pounds lighter. I could get the hell out of this town. Sure, I'd hate to leave my family, but I think they'd understand.

There's nothing here for me. The rest of my family could be successful without me. Life's too short to work too much. How shallow does that make me sound? I wish that my business takes off so that I can pay off my home and be able to run my business without the constant rat race I endure now.

When I die, I'm close to or more than a century old…family holding my hands, and ready to go because I've seen everything, done everything, and loved more than I ever realized my heart had the capacity to do.

I wish for my life to always feel FULL. My parents will ever move out of South Dakota and into civilization like I did. There is intelligent life out there. I should have gotten married at If I will ever be able to exhale and stop worrying about money.

I should just pack it in, move to somewhere with a beach that never gets cold, and just be a bartender and swim in the ocean for the rest of my life.

I just started in one direction and stayed the course I would be happier than I am now. For the record, I try not to wonder this too often. It's kind of depressing.

6 word memoirs describing yourself on a dating

All this business stuff is going to work out. We're all just making everything way harder than it needs to be. It was the hardest job I've ever had, but I felt fucking amazing every day when I walked out of that high school. I'm still in touch with some of my former students and I can't explain how much it means that they still remember my class after six or seven years. Quitting my job and going back to Israel for another year. Coming home, going back to said job, and quitting again because what was left of my sanity was worth more to me than a lame, low paying, no benefits job.

Even if that left me with no source of income. My three year old daughter. She is so intelligent and bright.

Six Word Memoirs

I went in for the audition on the advice of an English teacher trying to get me out of my shell, and two days later I had the part of Juliet.

Changing my diet for the better and not really hating it. I am cutting out the bad things I eat and drink and replacing them with good stuff. I have lost weight in the past, 60 lbs two summers ago thankyouverymuch, but slowly gained it back.

Now I am gonna change, loose weight and keep it off. I basically raised myself and still managed to graduate with a B. I also moved a week after my 18th birthday to a place I'd only seen pictures of…. I've jumped out of airplanes plural and collected passport stamps…all despite statistics stating I'd likely grow up to be a shit ball because of the family I was born into.

And I'm no where near finished. I'm proud that I've never accepted anyone else's definition of me or for my life.