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mlp dating sim kickstarter campaign

Some sketches of My Little Pony style ponies, some basic video editing Four years in the making, Dark Skyes is not your average dating sim. It about next time you're backing a Kickstarter project about something we're. Brony dating sim with deep RPG elements, + gameplay hours, and gorgeous Case in point: A new Kickstarter project called Dark Skyes that aims to be the Dark Skyes, a dating sim that takes place in the world of My Little Pony (MLP. Without further ado, the crowdfunding campaign for My Little Porny: Fucking is Magic . "Brony dating sim"'t that basically horse bestiality?.

This brings us to the final point. Either way, Michael would be home free. The next response from Michael, also posted on March 10th was much more defensive, understandably so. He says in part: A lot of people have expressed interest in seeing the alpha build, as well. Saying that he has no time for PR is either the defense of someone with nothing to show, or one of the worst Kickstarter campaign organizers of all time. This strategy has been seen before. The creator makes a number of shill accounts to pump up the pledges in an attempt to restore faith amoungst backers then they back out at the last minute, or simply pays themselves back with the Kickstarter funds.

I reached out to Michael the night we posted our original Dark Skyes announcement asking if he would be open to an interview, and the next day he messaged me to say that I could interview him and gave me his Gmail address.

On the 10th, after the accusations had started, I emailed Michael 10 questions.

Is Dark Skyes The Latest Kickstarter Scam? Updated 3/30 - Cliqist

I did not receive a response back, and that evening his video update was posted. I emailed him again the next day and still have not heard back. As it stands now Dark Skyes is either: A prank that will result in either no product for backers, or a product that is a joke and bears no resemblance to what was offered.

A poorly run campaign with an organizer that changes vital information dev team without notice, is losing support from his staff, and feels that responding to backers and press is a waste of his time. Money given to the Dark Skyes campaign will either be lost, or part of a joke that has already been outed.

The feeling I got from the group during my info gathers is that while they may not be the biggest fans of Bronies, they love taking down a scammer any chance they get. Your cute son name of Jon is missing! Visit exotic and erotic locations like the desert! But are they enemies of you or enemies Help them figure their biz out by tingling their minds, bodies, and souls.

Our salacious scenes are literary in nature and read aloud by talented performers, intended to pound the most sexual of your organs If you wish, you may also engage Kitten Mode on its own, just to watch some kittens playing, because why not. Every journey is better with hard buds.

To see some of us in action and better understand the story behind this game, check out this mini-documentary by Vice that followed us around for the early parts of development!

Our core team is joined by a motley crew of actors and voice actors, including Anthony Carboni and Jim Sterlingwith more to be announced as we go! This may be the most sexy and important decision of your life. Early access to Project Tingler means you get the game before the public does. Backers can also get exclusive access to crude Photoshops, making-of clips, and general Tinglenanigans while the hard buds make Project Tingler.

We also have mugs and t-shirts. If you're one of the few who decide to be extra nice, you can get a custom Chuck Tingle-style cover with your face on it! Hawk Shaw Hawk is a good cop caught in a corrupt system.

While he dresses and acts like a shady character, he will do what he can to ensure justice is served as long as his pay doesn't get docked.

Dark Skyes -- an EPIC brony dating sim by Michael Harms :: Kicktraq

He has a strange definition of fun, but, once he thinks you're a good egg, you'll be glad you have him on your side. He's helped her through law school and was proud to see her graduate with honors.

He certainly cares for Regeria, and he will respect any choice she makes, even if it's one that he does not agree with. He believes that Regeria should make her own path and won't try to influence your choices in any way.

Kickstarter TV 4 ғɪɴᴀʟ the end of KSTV And DARK SKYES, an EPIC brony dating sim!

However, your choices will affect how he reacts to you. After his wife's death, he is absolutely distraught which leads him to do some incredibly stupid things in court.

mlp dating sim kickstarter campaign

Richard Bust The Judge is more concerned with his own enjoyment of the trial than the accused's fate. While this is callous, he loves surprises more than anything and will allow Regeria to present any argument she wants usually because something exciting is bound to happen.

As long as it doesn't get in the way of his lunch — a delicious turkey sandwich… The Jury You thought the judge and his sandwich were bad? More info about the jury will be available as the Kickstarter progresses. More info about characters will be given as the kickstarter progresses.

mlp dating sim kickstarter campaign

Nathan Low Nathan was such a fan of the Phoenix Wright series and wanted so many more fun law stories, that he decided to just up and make his own games. He works full time as a database developer, and loves making video games and board games in his spare time.

She first played the Ace Attorney series in and it became the source of much inspiration! It's one of her all time favorites. He was enamored by the worlds of his favorite games and anime which ultimately drove him to learn how to draw and paint his own worlds. His soundtrack for Valdis Story: Abyssal City was also nominated for best independent soundtrack for Final Smash 6 tracks by himself total.

mlp dating sim kickstarter campaign

His disdain for corn is so impressive that restaurant cooks know to keep the absurd yellow vegetable out of his sight at all times.

Rachael Messer Regeria Rachael has studied voice work, voice acting, and stage work in college. A in Theatre Performance. She has voice acted in numerous animes, cartoons, video games, radio plays, and commercials. She is currently the voice of Shiara in the new animated TV series "Prince Adventures" and currently working on her own live action series called "The Last Left" while recording for more projects to come.

She loved being a part of this video game and sincerely hopes you enjoy it!

My Little Pony Dating Simulator Game

When Marissa isn't behind the mic, her passion is seamstressing! Dane Doyle Judge Dane is ready to lay down the law, gavel in hand. I'm Rocky Marks, a voice actor who loves video games, a student working hard at learning everything there is to know about this profession and a man who can't say no to steamed crab legs.

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I'm a big fan of Regeria Hope, which is what drew me to this amazing project. Everyone says to love your work, and as an actor and a fan, I do!