Older women dating younger men in kenya

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older women dating younger men in kenya

10 reasons why men should be date an older woman. 15 February of by KV Crew · Facebook · Twitter · Google. By Older I don't mean Old. I'm not talking. Kenyan Woman Confesses Her Love For Young Men 'Ben 10s' To Maina The older women, like their male counterparts, are dating younger. The Kenyan Cougar Organisation Facebook page, for instance, has older women with saucy pictures looking for younger men. Besides, there are many dating.

This has been going on for some time now.

The Older Woman Younger Men Relationships in Kenya - Wealth Creation in Kenya

But a while back, whenever one or two odd, overweight women attempted this strategy, it horribly backfired. The only souls who paid some attention to such types were those coast-based, dreadlocked multilingual beach boys. However, with time, things seem to have changed and more and more young men are open to the idea of dating older, rich women. Of course, this is made possible by the equally high number of randy, old rich women who are constantly on the prowl for either genuine companionship or flings.

The only problem is that this is some sort of new phenomenon around here and many older women are still clueless on how to bag these younger men. These ladies have learnt the tricks from the best; their male counterparts.

Kenyan cougars on the prowl: Guide on dating younger men

Liru says having loads of cash and higher social status have a way of making men with hidden agenda get away with disregarding the rules and regulations of morality, which bind lesser mortals. They tend to be a bit disguised. In this post, I set out to research and write something interesting about dating older women successfully.

I hope you pick up some tips on dating older women from this article. You possibly remember the case of Mbugua and Wambui.

Using each other: Wealthy women hiring younger men in Kenya for relationships

In most cases the older the woman you are planning to date the bad the social perception will be about your choice.

It is advisable to date older women who are within your generation reach for both of you to have compatibility.

older women dating younger men in kenya

Why Date this Older Woman? This is a question that you should answer if you are serious about dating an older woman. There are many young women out there; why do you settle for this old woman.

The Older Woman Younger Men Relationships in Kenya

So when approached by a young man, they will be very receptive no one wants to be lonely and we all want to be loved. Most of this women are also religious and go to church alot in the hope of getting a religious man in addition to developing a relationship with their God.

older women dating younger men in kenya

Most Religions teach that one should not get involved with a married as that is adultery so the only option is older women settling for single younger men.

So most of the single guys are younger than the woman hence the origin of older woman younger woman relationships. I have been approached by very many young men yes I am attractive just incase you are wondering but due to my Kenyan indoctrination that I can only date an older man I put off a younger man.

I think I need to smell the coffee and wake up. Could I be pushing away what I have been looking for all this time? So whether an older woman younger man relationship can work in Kenya is up to the two lovebirds.

An older woman younger man true story in Kenya I met a lady last year and I knew we would be good friends but after some time we lost touch only to find her again in another function and so we became friends. This might not sound strange to you but she is 51 years old. So such words coming from a 51 year nice looking Kenyan lady will tell you there is a story behind such remarks.

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So recently I asked her, so how old is your boyfriend? She answered 12 years younger than me. And she is like yes really looking as excited as a four year old girl waiting for an ice cream. My response to her is that you know you are the pioneers of older women younger men relationship in Kenya and you should form a support group to empower women because most Kenyan women in such relationships are doing it in hiding fear of reprisals in the community.