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We don't offer temporary repairs - A reflow or reball of the existing chipset will not last. The GPU fails internally so needs replacement. It is comparable in size to Egypt. A series of scarps face south-west, longitudinally bisecting these plains in the center of the country.

HP Mini TU Laptop Keyboard The scarps also separate a series of sandstone plateaus, the highest of which is the Adrar Plateau, reaching an elevation of meters 1, ft. Spring-fed oases lie at the foot of some of the scarps.

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Isolated peaks, often rich in minerals, rise above the plateaus; the smaller peaks are called guelbs and the larger ones kedias. As a result of extended, severe drought, the desert has been expanding since the mids. To the west, between the ocean and the plateaus, are alternating areas of clayey plains regs and sand dunes ergssome of which shift from place to place, gradually moved by high winds.

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The dunes generally increase in size and mobility toward the north. A majority of the population still depends on agriculture and livestock for a livelihood, even though most of the nomads and many subsistence farmers were forced into the cities by recurrent droughts in the s and s. With the current rises in metal prices, gold and copper mining companies are opening mines in the interior. In recent years, drought and economic mismanagement have resulted in a buildup of foreign debt.

Privatization remains one of the key issues. Oil was discovered in Mauritania in in the offshore Chinguetti field. Mauritania has been described as a "desperately poor desert nation, which straddles the Arab and African worlds and is Africa's newest, if small-scale, oil producer. Sexism, female genital mutilation, child labour, human trafficking, and the political marginalization of largely southern-based ethnic groups continued to be problems.

The organization has further accused the Mauritanian government of institutionalized and continuous use of torture throughout its post independence history. These are the stated reasons why armed groups like the now exiled FLAM have carried out low level rebellions in the southern part of Mauritania. Though legally abolished init did not become a crime to own slaves until HP Pavilion txla laptop keyboard " No cases have been successfully prosecuted under the antislavery law despite the fact that de facto slavery exists in Mauritania.

There are probably former relationships — slavery relationships and familial relationships from old days and of the older generations, maybe, or descendants who wish to continue to be in relationships with descendants of their old masters, GATEWAY NV Laptop Keyboard for familial reasons, or out of affinity, and maybe also for economic interests. But slavery is something that is totally finished. All people are free in Mauritania and this phenomenon no longer exists. And I believe that I can tell you that no one profits from this commerce.

It is possible that the Berber Muslim Almoravids were originally from the area. Despite its name, based on a Berber expression meaning "place of the winds",[2] the city was selected as the capital city for its moderate climate and central location within the country. With the exception of Nouakchott Wharf and a deep water port, the coastal strip is mostly left empty and allowed to flood. The coastline includes shifting sandbanks and sandy beaches. Most buildings are one-storey only.

Other major streets are named in French for notable Mauritanian or international figures of the s: Annually, imports account for around Fuel for cars is also hard to obtain in Nouakchott. The line goes near the border with Senegal. HP Pavilion dveo Laptop Keyboard As ofit is the home to over 30 international or diplomatic institutions. Nouakchott is the principal location in Africa for world distribution of native Saharanmeteorites.

There is a mosque donated by Saudi Arabia in the city centre, and a Moroccan mosque further south. Joseph, a Catholic cathedral. It is home to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nouakchott, founded in Rather they were "French Subjects", lacking rights before the law, property ownership rights, rights to travel, dissent, or vote. The exception were the Four Communes of Senegal: Anyone able to prove they were born in these towns was legally French.

In return, he had promised to help recruit millions of Africans to fight in World War I. These conquered areas were usually governed by French Army officers, and dubbed "Military Territories".

In the late s, Packard Bell Easynote TK85 laptop keyboard the French government began to rein in the territorial expansion of its "officers on the ground", and transferred all the territories west of Gabon to a single Governor based in Senegal, reporting directly to the Minister of Overseas Affairs. Gabon would later become the seat of its own federation French Equatorial Africa AEFwhich was to border its western neighbor on the modern boundary between Niger and Chad.

Two battleswere subsequently fought to bring the colonies over to the side of the Free French. These battles met with mixed success. Of these five would be elected by citizens which only in the Four Communes could an African hope to win and five by African subjects.

In late under this new constitution each territory was for the first time excepting the Four Communes able elect local representatives, Lenovo Thinkpad T laptop keyboard albeit on a limited franchise, to newly established General Councils. These elected bodies had only limited consultative powers, although they did approve local budgets. The Loi Cadre of 23 June brought universal suffrage to elections held after that date in all French African colonies.

HP Pavilion dvtu laptop keyboard The first elections under universal suffrage in French West Africa were the municipal elections of late Territorial Assembly elections were held in each of the eight colonies Togo as a UN trust Territory was by this stage on a different trajectory on 31 March under universal suffrage, and the leaders of the winning parties appointed to the newly instituted position of Vice-President of the Governing Council—French Colonial Governors remained as Presidents.

Each territory was to become a "Protectorate" with the consultative assembly named a National Assembly. Legally, the federation ceased to exist after the September referendum to approve this French Community.

All the colonies except Guinea voted to remain in the new structure. Guineans[2] HP Envy er laptop keyboard voted overwhelmingly for independence. Ina further revision of the French constitution, compelled by the failure of the French Indochina War and the tensions in Algeria, allowed members of the French Community to unilaterally change their own constitutions.

Saint-Louis, in Senegal, held that position. Inthis small port town was chosen to be the capital of the new country, and an ambitious building program was begun to increase its population to 15, DELL 1R28D Laptop Keyboard starting a year later. The administrative structure of French colonial possessions in West Africa, while more homogeneous than neighboring British possessions, was marked by variety and flux.

HP Mini sb laptop keyboard French Upper Volta was formed and parceled out to neighboring colonies twice.

Vgn-ar Hinge

The future states of Mauritania and Niger remained out of the federation until the s and s respectively. French Togoland, seized by France from Germany in World War I, was for most of this period not nominally a colony but a Mandate territory. Lenovo 0A laptop keyboard A governor-general was based first in Saint-Louis, then from in Dakar both in Senegal, the oldest French settlement.

The AOF subsequently expanded to neighbouring French-ruled territories: Inboth Mauritania and Niger were classed "Military Territories": HP Pavilion dvsy laptop keyboard Despite this state of flux, and with the exception of the Senegalese Communes, the administrative structure of French rule at the lower levels remained constant, based upon the Cercle system. This was the smallest unit of French political administration in French Colonial Africa that was headed by a European officer.

Thus, a Cercle Commander might be the absolute authority over hundreds of thousands of Africans. The "Cercle Commander" "commandant de cercle" was subject to the authority of a District Commander, and the government of the colony above him, HP Pavilion DV6z artist edition 2 laptop keyboard but was independent of the Military structure outside of Military areas, e.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E laptop keyboard Because of administrative practice and geographic isolationCercle Commanders had a tremendous amount of power over the lives of the Africans around them. The Cercle Commanders also had tremendous power over the economic and political life of their territories. This code gave summary powers to French administrators, including the rights to arrest, try, punish and imprison subjects. It also gave French local authorities the right to requisition forced labour, usually limited to able-bodied men for a few weeks a year, but in practice having few restrictions.

Every new Cercle Commander might well bring with him vast projects for development and the restructuring of the people's lives he governed. These were Africans appointed by French officials for their loyalty to France, regardless of their rights to local power. C01 laptop keyboard The Canton, then, was much smaller than, and qualitatively different from, the precolonial states of the Sahel such as the Toucouleur Empire which the French would later conquer.

Larger polities which presented a segment of the elite who would work with the French, were maintained under new leadership. But even these rulers were replaced by individuals handpicked by French authorities. In general, Canton Chiefs served at the behest of their Cercle Commander, and were left to see to their own affairs as long as calm was maintained and Administrative orders were carried out.

HP Laptop Keyboard With an area of some 4, square kilometres 1, sq mi mostly the desert or semi-desert interior of Mauritania, Sudan and Niger extending from Africa's westernmost point to the depths of the Sahara, the federation contained more than ten million inhabitants at its creation, and some 25 million at its dissolution.

The Polisario Front is an observer member of the Socialist International. HP Mini tu Laptop Keyboard After attempting in vain to gain backing from several Arab governments, including both Algeria and Morocco, but only drawing faint notices of support fromLibya and Mauritania, the movement eventually relocated to Spanish-controlled Western Sahara to start an armed rebellion. On May 20, he led the Khanga raid, Polisario's first armed action,[citation needed] in which a Spanish post manned by a team of Tropas Nomadas Sahrawi-staffed auxiliary forces DELL Inspiron N laptop keyboard was overrun and rifles seized.

Polisario then gradually gained control over large swaths of desert countryside, and its power grew from early when the Tropas Nomadas began deserting to the Polisario, bringing weapons and training with them.

The World Court at The Hague had issued its verdict on the former Spanish colony just weeks before, which each party interpreted as confirming its rights to the disputed territory. W01 laptop keyboard For the next two years the movement grew tremendously as Sahrawi refugees continued flocking to the camps and Algeria and Libya supplied arms and funding.

Within months, its army had expanded to several thousand armed fighters, camels were replaced by modern jeeps most of them were Spanish Land Rover Santana jeeps, FUJITSU Lifebook S laptop keyboard captured from Moroccan soldiersand 19th-century muskets were replaced by assault rifles.

The reorganized army was able to inflict severe damage throughguerrilla-style hit-and-run attacks against opposing forces in Western Sahara and in Morocco and Mauritania proper. Packard Bell Easynote LM94 laptop keyboard The weak Mauritanian regime of Moktar Ould Daddah, whose army numbered under 3, men,[5] proved unable to fend off the guerrilla incursions. After repeated strikes at the country's principal source of income, the iron mines of Zouerate, the government was nearly incapacitated by the lack of funds and the ensuing internal disorder.

However, the referendum stalled over disagreements on voter rights. The POLISARIO has repeatedly threatened to resume hostilities if a referendum cannot be held, and claims that the current situation of "neither peace, nor war" is unsustainable.

Pressures on the leadership from the refugee population to resume fighting are apparent, but to date the cease fire unlike the referendum promise has been respected.