Shooting range dating

shooting range dating

Saturday, December 3, at PM – PM CST. More than a year ago. pin. Slinging Iron Indoor Range. Central Blvd, Bull Shoals, Arkansas Keep your sight set on your spouse with this fun and sporty date night idea! Plus, develop some new talents together on this shooting range. Why did I ask to come to the gun range? Shoot me, wait, scratch that. I had to pull myself together. I picked this as a first date! He pulled.

Once I figured out sight alignment, I was right on target, literally! I was hitting center mass like I had been shooting since I was knee high to a grasshopper. What was the difference between my first experience and the second?

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How can single girls have a great dating and gun range experience at the same time? Here are a few tips for combining your love for shooting with love, period. Save the gun range for at least date four.

The difference between my first and second experience at the range was I knew my date. We had shared plenty of conversations over dinner before we headed to the range. I did most of the shooting on my second time at the range, he watched and corrected me.

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He was patient and he was a good teacher. Keep the girls covered and leave the red bottom stilettos at home.

shooting range dating

Heels are not particularly helpful with the proper posture either. And while a deep-V, T-shirt may catch his attention, it will catch hot shells as well. So what to wear on your range date?

Be cute yet appropriate. While at the range, the sleeves will cover your arms and be sure to button your jacket all the way up to protect your chest.

When you go to dinner after the range, simply remove the jacket for a complete look. No waiting for the next Groupon or Scoutmob for this discounted date.

Date Night at the Range

Most ranges offer a day of the week where women can shoot at a discounted rate or even for free. Last, but not least, safety first.

shooting range dating

Your time at the range is a great opportunity to discern if your guy is a leader in safety. While we all want a guy to protect us, we also want to know that he will protect others as well. If he has poor safety habits at the gun range, well, he probably practices unsafe behavior in general ahem, ahem. This is not the guy you want to date, especially at the range.

First Dates and Firearms

He and his girlfriend, year-old Connor Massey, are transplants from Illinois, where Long first took Massey shooting at an indoor range.

He said that for him, shooting together was a way to introduce her to his hobby, while also serving as an informal test of character. You can see how seriously somebody takes that, and it really shows you their maturity level and how much respect they have for things like that, which can be indicative for other things. Long is a regular at Independence, but he said Massey opts not to join him.

Though she had fun on her first range trip, even out-shooting him—"I think that was the part that she really enjoyed," he joked—the practice didn't become a joint hobby, an outcome Later frequently sees at Independence. Instead, it's something they do occasionally with friends, and Massey likened it to the affectionate tolerance of any other hobby: Even if a woman doesn't share her boyfriend's interest in cars, for example, she'll often still go to a car show to support him.

It can be the same way on the range.

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She went on her first and only date to a gun range nine years ago, when she was 21, but the sense of excitement and adventure she found there is still on her mind. In fact, it made a strong enough impression that the venture ended up on her "17 Best Summer Date Ideas in Boise, Idaho" list, the blog post that helped me find her.

I didn't know what I was doing.

shooting range dating

And the fact that I got to do it and had someone actually show me—because I don't think I would ever go out to a gun range with my girlfriends—it was a unique experience in that way," she said, adding, "It was competitive against the partner I was with I think, so it brought out a little spark in me to hit the target.

Which was fun, [there was] kind of a little competitive flirting, you could say. Attempting to hit the target had kickstarted my competitive side, and it was easy to imagine a friendly rivalry arising on a date, each of us attempting, as Long and Massey had, to outdo the other with well-placed shots.

The thrill of pulling a trigger didn't take precedent, a fact underscored by something Long said later while reflecting on the reception of his hobby in Idaho: People go out to BLM land or wherever, and are making mile-long shots or 1,yard shots People view guns as more than just weapons for self defense or killing or anything like that around here. I think there's a lot more [emphasis on] recreation and utilitarianism.