Whats it like dating a man from bosnia


whats it like dating a man from bosnia

They date waaaay more people than any other girls, which is kind of strange. acting like your true self anyway and not cater to his foreign expectations. hi. im a bosnian guy, respect for him his family his cultural traditions. Here are 11 things you'll love about Bosnians such as their But what does it actually mean? Like many other countries around the world, young Bosnians learn English and can converse, to some degree, with foreigners. From what she said, it depends on a couple of things as Balkan This is my guess too and if you do date someone like this, expect to be.

However, Sarajevo men might be guilty of emotional codependence.

Mama’s Boys: A Personal Narrative about the Concept of Masculinity in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnian family structure All participants reported evidence of a close relationship with their mothers. The same could not be said of their paternal bond. Father is always doing man stuff … he is on the job… mother love is always different — she [gave birth to] me, father just made me. Although some of the participants reported that they currently do not live with their parents, they make valiant efforts to stay in close contact.

whats it like dating a man from bosnia

When asked about girlfriends, the men I interviewed gave me various answers. After being coddled for so long by the overbearing mother figure, the idea is that the traditional Bosnian man transfers that neediness onto his wife — his mother-replacement.

His emasculation is derived from his inability to exist as an autonomous subject, without his mother figure there to support him. Amir has been confronted with ethnic tensions from within his own family.

Aleks feels distanced from the traditional paradigms of religious identity: We lose a history when that happens.

Cat and Kez - Our thoughts on Bosnian Men

The Internet provides a safe and ungendered space to gain access to all types of information. With the help of cyberspace, a young man can learn how to clean a stain from a tablecloth or even how to braid hair. The modern Bosnian man is privileged by unfettered access to his varied interests, and is not forced to rely only on his parents to learn how to run his household. You must be strong in difficult situations.

Nowadays, the girls can easily defend for themselves.

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I in turn have tried to share some information on Romantic Poets of the nineteenth century but this for some reason has fallen on deaf ears. We do argue, but we do usually come up with solutions and compromises following an argument, which I think is a whole lot better than never talking about problems. I am close to my father but my mother died a few years ago after a long illness so I never had a proper adult relationship with her.

whats it like dating a man from bosnia

Although it has been difficult to go to Macedonia since we have had young children, we intend to go much more regularly as they get older. My husband has helped me to get closer to my own brother and sister, and now our children are close to their cousins as a result.

whats it like dating a man from bosnia

It is an ongoing adaptation for me, but a good one. For a start, he knows how to iron. It is also to blame for his obsession with folding things neatly [like sheets] which is a bit annoying.

whats it like dating a man from bosnia

However I think it gave him strength and independence at a young age. Two men tried to climb in our bedroom window a few years ago. I woke my husband up and he moved towards the window like a rabid dog.

My Six Reasons for Marrying a Balkan Man

The very sight of him made them run for their lives as he let out a deep menacing laugh as they ran. He was effectively terrifying.

Then he went back to bed and fell asleep within minutes. The French accent certainly is not. English spoken with a French accent sounds like a cat trying to talk through dental braces.