Bible study for couples dating tips

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bible study for couples dating tips

Read NIV devotions for couples, a weekly Bible devotional to help couples built their commit, get marriage advice, and learn about love and respect. What was our relationship with God like at the time? Bible Study Tools · · · Christian Videos · Christian Jobs · Free Online ecards · Christian. Have you ever tried to list out all the different dating advice you've heard — even just the advice from other Christians? Here's my golden rule for couples. same Bible, and aiming for the covenant of marriage, our dating advice . teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom” (Colossians ). See more ideas about Couples bible study, Bible study tips and Marriage bible How to a pick a winner for a dating partner Christian Relationships, Godly.

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Bible Study Group Support each others' spiritual growth by attending a Bible study group at your local church. This will allow you to share ideas about the scriptures and learn about your date's spiritual values.

Topics discussed in Bible study group can then be explored between the two of you on future dates. Christian Concert Christian music has evolved substantially from the solemn hymns of the olden days. Attend the concert of your favorite Christian rock band, gospel singer or church choir.

NIV Devotions for Couples - Week of January 9

This is a fun context in which to get to know your date while still rejoicing in the glory of God. Post-Church Brunch Go out for a tasty meal with your date following a church service.

bible study for couples dating tips

After an inspiring sermon, there will surely be no lack of stimulating conversation topics to explore with your new interest.

If you're nervous about being alone with your date, invite some friends or another couple to join you! Movie Night Watching a movie together may just be the oldest date idea in the book. Some cons to be aware of when dating long-distance is that you will be tempted to idolize being with that person, thus ruining your joy in God in your present moments.

So you can be discontent with your circumstances. For more on that topic, read this article I wrote for Desiring God: Is It Sin to Be Sad? Another con to dating long-distance as Christians is that when you are together, the sexual temptation will be heightened.

While you will have less opportunity to fall to sexual temptation because you see each other less, the temptation you are exposed to will be greater.

7 Bible Quotes For Dating Couples to Study

To have a sexual desire for the person you are dating is good. Because it is a sign that you should be progressing towards marriage 1 Corinthians 7: So be on guard when you do finally get to see each other.

Stay in open places. Nothing good usually happens at 2am. Go to bed and enjoy the time you do have rather than trying to make up for lost time.

bible study for couples dating tips

You will just get yourself into trouble. So what if there was some annoying trait about the other person that would only come out on the 5th day? All that to say, before getting married I would recommend someone moving so you can date traditionally for a little bit at least.

I just think it is wise. After a year of dating, Bethany moved to Cleveland because I was still in school here. We dated for four months, then got engaged, and then got married four months after that.

While it will be risky to move for your boyfriend or girlfriend, I do think it is good advice to do so before getting engaged. Christian Dating Advice on Long-Distance Relationships In summary, Christians dating long-distances will experience many pros and cons that those in traditional dating relationships will not. Both the good and the bad will be helpful in accomplishing the goal of Christian dating, which is to determine whether or not you two want to progress into marriage.

My advice is to use both the positives and the negatives to your advantage.