Speed dating manchester revolution for dogs

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speed dating manchester revolution for dogs

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speed dating manchester revolution for dogs

I changed my strategy for the night to include my new character of witty, cheeky mockney rather than sophisticated city gentleman. I soon realised that this was the least of my difficulties. I was quickly struck by how good everybody looked. Not that they were all movie star, model types, but they had clearly all made a real effort for the evening, not least my friends, who I swore were more than a little smug to find me looking dishevelled, scruffy and generally worse for wear.

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I retreated to the bathroom for urgent running repairs. It's safe to say I didn't make the best of starts. My attempts at gentle ribbing came across as open hostility "so what is it about Manchester that you like? Where did you get it? It was also noticeable that many of the participants had prepared some questions prior to the event or at least given some thought to what their responses might be.

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Of course, I hadn't. Half time and I had been thoroughly outclassed. Smart, intelligent and mostly beautiful women ran rings around me. Suitably chastened, not to say humbled, I resolved to raise my game after the break.

While most mingled and sipped cocktails at the bar, I popped outside with a strong black coffee. Things did pick up. I conversed with a magnificent creature about the future of space travel granted, my biggest contribution was to nod during a brief pauseI started to improve my flirting and if nothing else I endeavoured to listen. She was trained to detect 20 different types of accelerants, using her powerful sense of smell.

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During her year service, Cracker helped the forensic team determine the cause of fires and secured convictions of suspected arsonists. She was involved in a number of high-profile cases, including a double murder and serious assaults. She attended over incidents, resulting in over years of custodial sentences for arson-related crimes.

speed dating manchester revolution for dogs

On 12 March a major explosion occurred at a large two-storey detached building on War Office Road, Rochdale. A strong smell of petrol was detected and Cracker was deployed to investigate. After an unproductive ground search, Cracker was instructed to climb what remained of the staircase, to search the upper floor. This meant negotiating a large hole in the floor, as well as making her way through fallen wooden beams and roofing materials.

Cracker tracked along the skirting board to a place outside where the bathroom had once been and gave a positive indication. As a result of her efforts, the Fire Investigation Team was able to determine that the explosion was a result of an arson attack.

Wonder dogs set for awards after actions in Rochdale and Tameside - Revolution

Cracker, dressed in a forensic dog suit to preserve any evidence, undertook a search of the property and, as a result of her efforts, the culprit received a year jail sentence.

She was just as driven and determined on her last day as she was when she first started. An absolute class act. For more information about the previous recipients, visit www. She believed that if animals were recognised for their heroic actions, it would help to raise their status in society, ensuring that they are better treated.