Salah laku pelajar online dating

salah laku pelajar online dating

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Salah laku pelajar online dating

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salah laku pelajar online dating

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Simply select a different value to re-sort the results. The basic internet and web concept must be well understood before web technology can be adopted in the information communication technology infrastructure [6].

Objectives of e-kehadiran System Development The objectives of e-kehadiran is to strengthen overall student s attendance management. To conduct survey and analysis for the current manual system application. To design and develop e-kehadiran system model.

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To develop e-kehadiran system according to proposed system model. To implement and test proposed e-kehadiran system 5. To document the developed e-kehadiran system C. System Design of e-kehadiran In designing the system, data and database are the most important component.

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Data is a facts about thing, people, entity or event. Whereas database is a collection of related data shared by several category of user to fulfill many organizational requirement. The database is a part an information system. Information system involves the activity of collecting, keeping and retrieving data and processing and managing data.

salah laku pelajar online dating

Database system management DBMS is an application software to enable user to create, update, alter, maintain and manage data other than providing control access to the required data and information. Data on student s disciplinary cases are stored based on unique code [7]. Client is acountable only at the client interface and operates on several simple logical processes such as input validation.

salah laku pelajar online dating

Application for logical process is located at a different tier. The advantages of 3-tier architecture are depicted as below: Furthermore the architecture can be added until the nth-tier that makes the architecture more flexible [8]. For example, the middle tier can be clustered into 2 with one tier for web service and another two tier are for application service.

Client-server 3-tier architecture The advantages of web-sppd are as below: This feature enables user from different platform and operating system to access database from different places which makes the information is accessed in split second. The great potential in innovation is according to product sales and services through web.

Approaches in Integrating Web-DBMS for e-kehadiran In this section, student s attendance database will be integrated in web environment as below: PHP implementation architecture Overall Architecture of e-kehadiran Figure 3 illustrates on overall development of e-kehadiran. The modules in the system are using object oriented software and tools with optimum security assurance.

On the other hand, the database access is done either through internet and intranet. Illustration of e-kehadiran system D. Proposed System Component for e-kehadiran Different groups of user for e-kehadiran are as below; 1.

Counselling and guidance teacher 4. Secretary of Discipline unit 5. District and State Department Officer 7. Kementerian Muridan Malaysia 8. System Administrator The proposed modules in e-kehadiran system that will be developed in the open source platform are as follows: System Access Module This module acts as a basis and important in web system development.

It also provides user with public access through simple query system.

salah laku pelajar online dating

The access is done through web page. Public and client access is selective whereby the level or access category will be determined by the security password provided. Data Entry Module - This module provides facility for end user such as teacher, coordinator, discipline teacher which can access through web main server e-kehadirandbweb to enter data or to record on student s attendance. Attendance Record Module This module provides facility for system administrator to update related information onprevious or new attendance list.

The update process includes add, delete or modify approved attendance record by the appropriate committee meeting. The module also serves as a room to announce and publish any counselling activities.

Update Module This module provides user to update information which is already stored in main database e-kehadirandbutama with input given by end user. The update process to all input data either is done in one lump sum or according to detail clustering by the end user. The standard value in this merit system is already approved by KPM.

Warning letter and data analysis is generated automatically according to the needed category by user subject to the access control to attendance database.

All of e-kehadiran modules are illustrated in Figure 4: Work Flow of e-kehadiran System The process and work flow for e-kehadiran system which to be developed is in Figure 5. The procedure to charge or grant any punishment to student depend upon the attendance input entered through the system which is validated by Student Attendance Committee Member.

The e-kehadiran system will issue printing or updating of student s attendance record automatically. Web Server Environment for e-kehadiran System The use of open source software tools can reduce cost as well as flexible and easy maintenance. Main Menu Figure 7: