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Traduzione di Elia Morpurgo de' Discorsi Ebraici di Tolleranza e Felicità - Free Ebook

termini poetici online dating

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The exportation license, necessary for sending lots to a foreign country, will be undertaken by the auction house in the name of the Buyer which will be charged of the duties and export taxes.

Termini poetici online dating

The Buyer shall pay upon receipt of the invoice. The necessary authorizations will be obtained within 6 to 8 weeks. I lotti aggiudicati online su the-saleroom. Lots marked by a red rhombus are invoiced differently.

termini poetici online dating

Hammer price will be increased of: Lots purchased online through the website the-saleroom. Per ottenere le necessarie autorizzazioni trascorrono generalmente 8 settimane. On request, after payment has been made, lots can be shipped by insured parcel post at the risk and expense of the buyer.

The customs and export duties are also for the account of the buyer.

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Six to eight weeks are generally necessary to obtain an export permit. Lots put up for auction are the property of the consignors, who have guaranteed their complete availability and legitimate and legal provenance. Aste Bolaffi acts exclusively as a representative of the individual consignors, in its own name and on their behalf. Any indication of the state of preservation of the lots is not to be considered binding.

If the participant is acting in the name and on behalf of another physical or legal person, a valid power of attorney must be exhibited prior to the auction. Claims due to negligence or error in filling out written offers by mail will not be accepted.

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termini poetici online dating

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DDIS Doodle Study mentioned in press

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